Friday, August 28, 2015

Mini Adventure #12

Field Trip and Pizza Party

Felicity, Holly, Rebecca, 2 or more

First Stop

Look at all the cute little animals!
So cute!
Which is your favorite?
I don't know if I can choose. (pauses in thought) The monkeys.
The hedgehogs.
I like the kitty.
Do you see there are three ponies? One for each of us.

Second Stop

What a big bunny!
I wonder why it is sitting in a chick shaped nest?
I bet it's the Cadbury bunny!


That was fun.
Yeah, it was!
All the walking really made me hungry.
Pizza and a hot dog?
I told you I was hungry.
Looks like pepperoni.
I love pepperoni pizza.
What do you think you'll do after lunch?
I think I just want to hang out and read.
Anyone for ice cream?

Xyra Notes
Hi! The treats above are all miWorld (2 Dairy Queen packs and the pizza pack). The foods in that line seem to be the right scale for the minis, but the other accessories are not as good. I found these at one of our local Targets, but haven't seen any miWorld there lately.

Hope you are having a nice day. Visit again soon.


  1. I saw some miWorld at our Walmart last week and I wondered if it would work with any dolls. I'll have to grab some next time I see them, they are perfect.

    1. I didn't see any at our Walmart. Hmm. If you want the drink cups to stay generic, you don't have to put the stickers on them. :)