Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May Day!

Happy Birthday, Lady Marvin of the Lamp Post!

Tea Review: Simply Good Blooming Flower Tea

In honor of Lady Marvin's birthday I wanted to do a tea review. And since she was the one who helped us embrace loose leaf tea through watching dancing tea leaves in a clear tea pot...what better kind to review than blooming tea.
What is blooming tea? Well, they are special blends designed to open slowly and reveal a flower. Here I have one from Simply Good Tea and one from Numi tea. I'm going to use the Simply Good one today.

For these you want to use a clear pot or the artistic display is lost.
Since this is a Simply Good Tea, I think I'll use the infuser bottle.
Take the blooming tea bundle and pop it in your container.
Pour in hot water and watch...
Hmmm, there may not be enough room - Quick Xyra! Switch the containers.
On it!
That's better but we need more water.
Yes, that's better! See it opening.
Ooo! I love it! Check out the full blossom! Very pretty.

Now, let's taste it. The package says this is from the Fujian region and has some caffeine. I think it might be a blend of green and white teas. It has a very delicate flavor, perfect as is.
However, if you do need sweetener, I suggest an agave syrup or unflavored honey. 

Oh, the package notes this type of tea "drinkable, but mostly for decoration." Well, we've poured off the hot for drinking and now the blossom is floating in cold water. 
Still beautiful! 
A great birthday bouquet for Lady Marvin.


Note:  Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Numi Tea, or Simply Good Tea. The review is unsolicited and entirely our own honest and thoughtful opinion. Links provided are for educational and informative purposes only; no purchase is required.

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  1. Looks so pretty ! Where can I buy this ?

    1. It's currently out of stock on the Simply Good Tea website, I'm hoping they get more soon.

  2. Hi Melody,
    I've never heard of unflavored honey. Can you tell me about it?

    1. Hi, Fawn!
      Unflavored is probably the wrong term to use. Some companies infuse their honey with other flavors like lavender and spiced chai. Other companies gather honey from the blossoms of radishes (really good). So what I really meant was to use a basic or delicate honey as strong flavors would overpower this tea. Or you could use something like an orange blossom honey and see how it changes the flavors of the tea. :)