Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ears to You Review

New Our Generation Accessory Set

Target was having an Our Generation sale and I had a hard time making up my mind about what to add to our collection. Then I saw two accessory sets that I hadn't seen before. Today we take a look at Ears to You. The set is not on the OG website yet, so no links this time.

Lanie, Melody, both, Xyra

Set Introduction

Hi, Melody! How was the game today?
Not bad. The score was much closer than in our last game. 8-6.
Nice. Where's Kaya?
She's still getting her stuff out of the car.
Hey, what's in the box?
New fun stuff!
Let's check it out.
Ears to You...(giggling)...what a name!
Let's includes a hat, a roasting stick with marshmallow and hot dog, hot chocolate, and s'mores.
I LOVE s'mores!
That hat is something else! Try it on, Mel.
Won't go over my ponytail. You try it.
How do I look? (giggling)
(giggling) Love it!
I think it will fit you better. Not going over my curls too well.
Reminds me of the purple bat hat Xyra has.
Yeah, it does.
The roasting fork is nice. But seems kind of short. Whoever uses this will have to get pretty close to the fire.
It's nice that you don't have to roast both items at the same time. See the marshmallow and hot dog can be removed.
The s'mores look super yummy!
 Yes, yes, yes.
This hot chocolate mug matches the tea mug from the Under the Weather set. 
And the hot chocolate is topped with whipped cream.

At the Fire Pit Comparison

I love roasting marshmallows.
Me too. 
I see what you mean about the roasting fork. It is much shorter than the one we have from The Queen's Treasures. 
Here you can see the two sets together.
The Queen's Treasures set did not include a hot dog, but that's okay.

You have the jumbo marshmallow.
But I'll give you the jumbo s'more. I'm not that hungry for dessert right now.

What is your favorite item from the OG Ears to You set? 

Happy campfire roasting!


  1. Nice ! Have to check out the sale soon :)

    1. I know what you mean. I never know how long the Target sales run. Just love when I happen upon one in progress. :)

  2. I saw this set but didn't buy it. I'm going to try making my own hot dogs, marshmallows and sticks. But would you believe, I NEVER noticed the hat in it when I looked at it?!?! DUH!

    1. How did you miss the hat? LOL
      Well, it is the same pink as the carton, so it does kind of blend in.