Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Discovering Nature

Not So Egg-cellent

Our kitties have taken a liking to watching outside one of the bedroom windows. We've seen birds sitting in the tree; even a couple looking back in at the kitties. Too funny. The other day I noticed something white on the ground. 
I took a closer look; it's an egg. 
But a misshapen egg. That's so sad.
Although, where there is an egg, there is a nest. Cool, huh? There was a bird in the nest but when we zoomed in for a closer shot it flew away.
Xyra and I started looking at the tree more closely and found another nest. Super cool! 
We have bird apartments outside our house. No wonder the cats love watching that window!

Do you like birds? What is your favorite bird?

Stop again soon. Have a nice day!


  1. Once a bird nested outside my door. It was so cute to watch the eggs hatch!
    mydolldays.blog spot.com

    1. I bet that was fun. The way the weather is here I have a feeling the eggs will hatch just in time for windows to be open and we'll have a "symphony" everyday until the babies are ready to fly away. :)