Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mini Adventure #11

Dairy Queen

Felicity, Holly, Rebecca, 2 or more

This is awesome! 
Snack time from Dairy Queen!
And Orange Julius.
Love it!
What did you get, Holly?
I went super strawberry with a strawberry julius and a strawberry blizzard with chocolate pieces.
Nice! What about you, Felicity?
(sipping shake) Oh, yum! I have a chocolate shake and a strawberry sundae.
Rebecca what did you end up ordering?
(smiling broadly) I have a blue raspberry arctic rush and hot fudge sundae.
All good choices!
(giggling they resume eating)

Do you have Dairy Queen where you live? Or maybe something like it? What is your favorite treat when you are there?

The Treats

The delicious looking treats are from miWorld, the DQ Treat Set to be exact. The collector pack includes all six treats and a sticker sheet. They are perfectly sized for the mini dolls. The pack was a little over $3 with tax from Target, but check your favorite toy section for these cute packs. note: I'm pretty sure we learned about miWorld from Madelon either on Living a Dolls Life or Karen Mom of Three. 

Best wishes,

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