Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day 2015 Part 2

Our Memorial Day

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more


Each year the start and finish of the Memorial Day Parade changes.
This year it went right by our house.
We made sure we were out there.
Got a nice surprise too. Our friend Miss Lex was leading her horse as the tribute to honor fallen soldiers.
You know, the riderless horse with backward facing boots that follows the color guard. What an honor!
Her mom, Lady Brooke, was helping too.
This is a quiet parade. One that reminds us of those that gave a lot or all to serve our country. 
We responded in kind to the veterans in the parade - nodding or smiling and waving.
We didn't follow to the cemetery, but know there was a lovely presentation.

Post Parade

After the parade passed by Franz and Xyra started power washing the outside of the house.
We kept the animals entertained.
It was loud in the house.
But watched too. 
That was fun.
The porch is much brighter now.
When they finished we took the dogs outside.
They all needed a walk and some play time.
We stayed outside until dinner.
Hamburgers and baked potatoes and salad.

I know this post is US centric, but the UK had a bank holiday. Even if you didn't have a holiday this weekend, we'd love to know what you did yesterday? Or if you had a picnic this weekend?

Best wishes,


  1. The riderless horse at the end of the parade sounds like such a beautiful, moving tribute to all the fallen soldiers... I'm sure I would've been cleaning my glasses to cover my eyes tearing up.

    We DID have a cookout this week-end, over the bank holiday! A bunch of us went to a nearby park on Sunday. My best friend Charlie and a couple of others went on a short hike, but most of us just lazed in the sun by the river. When we got back to school, Elijah and Hannah barbecued some chicken and vegetables on the grill, and Eve made her awesome lemon bars. It was a good weekend!


    1. We love lemon bars! Sounds like a very nice day.