Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Working on Wednesday

Work Loads

Hi! First, I want to thank The Doll Mag for inspiring this post. They have a great Working on Wednesdays series. You know, all their posts are great. Check them out if you haven't seen The Doll Mag already.

Being Needed

Yes, it may seem that I am hogging the blog posts, I'm not. My work load is a little lighter than the rest and I have more free time to pose and organize and post. Of course, all work loads are challenging in different ways. Melody is balancing school, lacrosse, and choir. While Kaya's third activity is orchestra - she really plays the cello well - plus she tends to Butter Brandy. Lanie is spending her free time in the gardens watching everything grow and keeping everything watered (we're having a dry spell but not nearly as bad as the western states). Haley is up to her elbows in school work, she's like Hermione Granger and takes extra classes. We all take care of our pets. Right now I'm focused here because that is where I am needed.

All Offices are Unique

I got to visit Xyra's office. It's pretty cool. This is the desk area.
The window has an interesting view.

It has nice lighting. Do you recognize it from my It's All in the Box review.
The one side has a comfy window seat.
It's where I had lunch.
And read for a bit. (Review in the near future.)
Then later in the day I went exploring. What do you think is behind this door?

Ooo, fun stuff!
And other little pets.
On the bottom shelf...Legos!

After Work

At then end of the day we went to check out the blooming pear tree. It's gorgeous!

Then it was off to the grocery store. I got to hold the bags for recycling and have some Annie's Bunny Fruit Snacks - yum! Summer Strawberry is my favorite. Melody likes Berry Patch best.
I had a fun day with Xyra, always do. At the grocery store we got something for a new tea review. Also in the near future, like the book review.

What is your work load like? Heavy, light, just right? What's your favorite thing to work on in your spare time?

Stop again soon.  Have a nice day!