Monday, May 4, 2015

Kentucky Derby Day

Fashion Forward Plus

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more, Xyra

Dressed to the Nines with Hats Too

We didn't travel to Churchill Downs, but had a Derby Day of our own.
This was fun.
Definitely not winter anymore. 
Here they come!
Go, Kaya!
(cheering and applause)

Wearing What?

Haley: OG Sweet in the Heat 
Kirsten: Pink kitty dress from Gramma Enne, My Life As pink party shoes, Addy's straw bonnet (first edition, retired)
Lanie: Bitty Baby Gingham Party Dress
Melody: Dress by Xyra, OG Bows to You boots, Saige's Parade Hat (retired)
Kaya: Real Me top and pants (retired), Josefina's riding boots, Saige's Riding Helmet (retired)

The Plus...Chocolate at the Finish

Nicely ridden, Kaya!
Yeah, you and Butter Brandy looked fabulous!
It was fun. You all should really try riding her.
You brought Starburst out!
Yeah, she needed some exercise.
Plus she carried the snacks.
More of the German chocolate from Lady Jem.
Yum! I hope it didn't melt. Which flavors did you pack?
Joghurt and Marzipan.
Check it out! The joghurt is milk chocolate and the marzipan is dark.
Everyone have a piece?
I'm having one of both.
(laughing, everyone takes a bite)
Mmm. Yum. Oh, yeah!
They look like the filling is almost the same.
But they are not.
The joguhrt in the milk chocolate is smooth with a bit of a tangy flavor.
The marzipan is dark and crisp with almond tones.
[Xyra note: Of the two I like the joghurt better, but if offered I would not turn down the marzipan. :-D ]

Plus Plus

Happy Belated Birthday, Nonna!

Do you like to dress up for special occasions? Whose outfit did you like best?

Best wishes! 

Note:  Tea time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl or Ritter Sport chocolate. The chocolate reviewed was a gift. All opinions are honest, our own, and unsolicited. Links provided throughout the review are for educational and informative purposes; not purchase is required.

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