Monday, May 11, 2015

Model Monday: Melody

Bold Spring

Hi! We have been brainstorming how to wear this outfit ever since we unwrapped in on Christmas morning. If you visit frequently, you will recognize the skirt.
Finally, I couldn't wait anymore and had to wear it. Of course, we're not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts or crop tops to school, so I found a nice white tee shirt for underneath. Turns out the top isn't as short as I thought; and the skirt has a higher waistline.

This is a craft outfit or a handmade outfit. Kind of like the ones on Etsy. Gramma Enne found it at the Sandwich Fair in Illinois.
[Note: Normally I would give you a link to the Fair, but there was a note about the site possibly being hacked. So no link this time, but you can search The Sandwich Fair Association or Sandwich Fair 2015 Illinois if you'd like to know more.]

I'm going to give you the head, shoulders, knees, and toes review. You know, from top to bottom. First, I pulled the sides of my hair back and clipped it in the back, then I put on the cute ribbon yarn hat. 
I tucked part of the green band inside so it would fit closer to my head. It's very stretchy and the open pattern allows air in and heat out. I love the green flower. The green ribbon band and flower match the top and skirt while the pink band coordinates colors in the design on the top.

Speaking of the top, it is black with a bright spring nonsense pattern. The straps and flower decoration match the hat and skirt. You can put this on over your head or step into it because the top of the bodice is elastic.
The skirt is bright green with white polka dots. Or maybe these are small enough to be considered another type of dot my fashion history isn't all that great. [And right now those magic search engines are not being very helpful.] A sparkling, navy blue felt flower with green jewel accent adorns the skirt's hem and the waistband is elastic.

Spring calls for sandals! The lavender sandals are very comfy with thick, cushioned soles and wide lavender straps. The closure is Velcro. Aren't these shoes cute?

Photo Shoot

What do you think? Do you have a favorite piece of the outfit? Or a favorite photo from the shoot?

Best wishes!


  1. I love the hat and the lavender sandals are adorable!

  2. What a cute outfit, Melody! For some reason the hat reminds me of something a flapper girl would wear, I don't quite know why. I liked the third photo from the photo shoot the best, it's really pretty, and the lighting's quite nice for an outdoor photograph.

    1. It does kind of resemble a cloche.
      I like that photo too. These were taken in late afternoon early evening lighting. Just have to be careful where you stand as photographer or your shadow makes it into the shot. :-D

  3. Cute outfit, definitely works with the heat we've been having! Is the word you are looking for dotted swiss?

    I like the photos with the tree, looks relaxing. I have wanted to take some photos of my girls outside, but the pollen is terrible, hopefully soon.

    1. Still not sure. I know that the dots have different names based on the size. Also know that Swiss Dot tends to refer to a tulle or light fabric with a small, raised dot pattern.

      The pollen is terrible right now. I heard on the new all the states from Michigan to the east coast hare having major pollen issues right now.

  4. Groovy! That outfit is outta site!

  5. What a cute outfit! :)

  6. Such a pretty outfit ! I love the green color.