Friday, May 29, 2015

Fashion Review: Laundry Daze Designs

Laundry Daze Designs: Local Designer

Summer Skort Set

Have you ever visited or participated in a Relay for Life? There is one near our house every year. We go to check out the team tents and vendors. This year we saw a tent in the vendor line where we could shop. It was Laundry Daze Designs' tent. Ms.Kristen specializes in our clothes as well as Renaissance Faire Apparel and general seamstress work. I fell in love with the skort sets. She had a green and lavender floral skort set and Hello Kitty too. It was tough decision. Ms. Kristen's Relay for Life price for this outfit was $5.

The Review

The set consists of a sleeveless crop top and skort (skirt with hidden shorts built in). Ms. Kristen chose a green and lilac floral cotton calico fabric for the outer sides. Then paired a matching solid lilac cotton fabric for the trim, lining, and shorts.
Here you can see the underside of the top and shorts.
She chose hook and loop (aka Velcro) closures on the back of both the top and skort.
The top opens completely so it could be worn backwards as a vest.

Melody Models

We have the perfect sandals to go with this outfit thanks to Gramma Enne. And my lilac glasses match too!

Isn't this a cute outfit? Perfect for summer outings? You'll see how we mix and match these two pieces in future posts. 

Xyra Note: Laundry Daze Designs is located in Boyertown, PA. Her business card gives the email address as just in case you are not on Facebook. 

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  1. So cute, and yes perfect for summer!

  2. I love the outfit! It's so cute and the colors are really nice. And the skort is really fun. I don't see those often made for dolls.
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. :-D Yes, I know. They should be made more often so we can avoid the dreaded upskirt photo.

  3. Skorts! The doll world needs more skorts. They're so comfortable and fun for summer. I really like this set, Melody; the lilac and green print looks lovely on you.


    1. I completely agree that we need more skorts in the doll world. :)

      Thank you. I love how the outfit matches my glasses too.

  4. Such a cute outfit! You look oh-so stylish in it Melody.


    1. Thank you. Did you see how Kaya and Lanie mixed the pieces into different outfits?