Friday, May 15, 2015

Under the Weather

Lanie's Day Off

It's no fun to be sick during the spring. Even worse to need a day off from school at the end of the year. (sighs) But sometimes it just can't be helped. That was my yesterday..., but I'm much better now.


I woke up and my tummy didn't feel quite right. So my sisters headed off to school and I went to work with Xyra. (No fever or any other icky symptoms - you know the ones I mean - so it was okay to be around others, but not school, just in case.) We started the day with Joseph Wesley black tea 04 - plain. It was really good. warm and soothing with a good flavor that is not too rich or spicy. I had some plain toast too. Then we headed out.

Sadly, my second cup of tea for the day was not Joseph Wesley 04, but a regular bag tea. Not nearly as tasty plain. But okay to sip while reading a back issue of Doll Mag. (The link doesn't go to this specific issue, but the latest post. If you want this issue, click here.) 
I read it cover to cover twice. Then I watched the world go by outside the window. 

Nap Time

Man, your brain is just not firing right when your tummy is off. I forgot my laptop. With no TV or computer I got drowsy and decided to take a nap. 
Of course, I didn't think about bringing my orange monkey, but Xyra had a cute puppy as a substitute. A larger blanket would have been nice, but this worked well.


My nap was really long and when I woke up I had a late lunch of soup and tea. 
The soup was really good. That fact meant I was on the mend, so I added a tiny bit of sugar to the tea.


All is well today and I was back at school with the others. So very happy not to miss two beautiful spring days. (giggling) Although, who can focus on days like this? I did start the day with another cup of Joseph Wesley 04, I can see this becoming a routine. :-)

What comfort foods or beverages do you like when you aren't 100%?

See you again soon,



  1. PASTA !! Pasta is hot and taste - Now I want some pasta !

  2. I hope you're feeling a little better, Lainie. I really like tapioca, (when I don't have a sour stomach), and chicken noodle soup. When my tummy hurts, my mom gives me flat Coke or ginger ale, orange pekoe tea and toast, or plain chicken broth with no noodles.

    1. Lanie here, Thank you, Julie Ann. Feeling much better. I think it was too much sugar the day before. So those blander foods (chicken soup) helped a lot. I do like tapioca pudding, but like you said, not on a sour tummy. :)

  3. I'm glad you feel better Lanie! (I like to think your brilliant choice of reading material had something to do with it. :) )


    1. Lanie here...Hahaha! Thank you, Lulu. I am certain you are correct. :)