Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October 1

New Month, New Tea

What a great way to celebrate a new month, but with a new tea!

I found this great new tea at Wegmans and Lanie wanted to try it out today.
Let's see...what caught my eye?
The purple ribbon? Yep. Love purple.
The bird? Yep.
The name? Yep. Who could resist Black Raven Tea?
The flavor? Yep. "Darkly delicious blackcurrant"...yum!
The description? That was the clincher! 
You may not be able to read the picture, it says: "Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, this luscious blackcurrant tea blend is a Polished Paean of Praise to the mysterious romanticism and darkly poetic imagery of one of America’s first and still foremost authors of spellbinding tales. “Black as a raven’s wing.” Black Raven tea is richly fragrant and satisfying."


Lanie, you get to open the bag!
Says to steep 5 minutes. And says compliments include brown sugar and cinnamon.
Okay, sugar in the raw and a dash of ground cinnamon it is.
Look, the bags are foil wrapped.
No tag. Get the spoon ready.

Okay, pour in the water!
It's such a pretty color right away.

After one minute

Smells wonderful.

After five minutes

Wow! Tastes great!
We need to get more of this.

Note: I tried it with a bit of milk (not shown) and it was really good that way too. The blackcurrant is very rich and lovely other than that I can't explain the flavor very well.

Happy October!
Best wishes,



  1. Hhmmm, I don't know. If it's minty, I might like it.

    1. Not minty. More fruity, but not too fruity.
      Blackcurrant is a kind of berry. Very hard to explain.

  2. Hi Melody, just a quick question....how do you get the 'you might also like:' thing at the bottom of some of your posts? I really want to do this on my blog!

    1. :-D I laugh because it took a bit for one of the other bloggers to explain it to me, but it turned out to be not so hard or confusing as I made it.

      As you look at "You might also like" shift your eyes to the bottom right and find the faint, grey "LinkWithin." Click that "LinkWithin" and follow the steps. It a different website that collects and archives the posts - not linked to me or blogger.

      Hope that helps. It is a nice feature to have.