Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Doll Diaries October Giveaways

We have been so busy we have fallen behind again in our reading of Doll Diaries. It is a favorite. We want to thank all of you who are staying current and reminding us to head over to check it out. There are three (3) giveaways and a photo challenge that you can enter.

Two Closing October 24

  1. My Pink Planet Ruby Costume Giveaway: Doll Diaries and My Pink Planet have teamed up to provide one lucky reader with a Red Riding Hood costume. It is really awesome. (They copyright their images, so I can't capture one to show you. Click the links to check out the details.) Our favorite costumes at My Pink Planet are the Jezebel Pirate Gal (Xyra made a glow in the dark Jolly Roger flag a few years ago. It's fun!), the Fabulous 50s, and Pink Ladies. (We could put on Grease with the last two).
  2. My Doll's Life Sparkle Witch Costume Giveaway: Doll Diaries and My Doll's Life have teamed up to provide one lucky read with a Sparkle Witch costume. Our favorite costume at My Doll's Life is the mermaid.

Closing October 25

DreamWorld Collections Siege Jacket Four Piece Set Giveaway (Our favorite!): Doll Diaries has teamed up with DreamWorld Collections to provide one lucky winner with the four piece Siege Jacket outfit. If you've been following us you know that this is our favorite outfit offered by DreamWorld Collections.

So head on over to Doll Diaries and enter the one you like best or all of them.
Best wishes to all who enter!

Don't forget to enter the October Reader Photo Event: Dolloween Parade too!

Happy October!


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