Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nature Walk Revisited

Brilliant Colors

One of the great things we did at camp was to go for a nature walk. The other day we revisited the path we hiked.

Kaya Kirsten Lanie Melody

Wow! Aren't the leaves beautiful?
So pretty.
Some still green and these are bright red!
Just gorgeous!
Oh, check this out!
What did you find?
A little purple flower under this tree.
So cute!
What a great spot.
And a fabulous day.
I love it under here, I wish we had brought a picnic.

Just in case you haven't read that earlier post...this is a reminder.
This was day three of camp back in July. The post was mentioned on Doll Diaries too. :-D

If you live in the southern hemisphere and moving into spring and summer, you can still attend Camp Doll Diaries. The contests and giveaways are over, but you can always do the crafts and activities and share them with Char. I bet she'd love seeing it still in motion. Just scroll back through the older posts until you get to the announcement in May.


  1. Gorgeous photos, looks like you had lots of fun!

    1. We caught it at the perfect time has been overcast and rainy ever since.

    2. Yuck. It's been like that at our house too, lately. This morning it was fine, sunny, and even quite hot. Until around 4 O'clock, and then it was all rainy! I sure hope it's better weather tomorrow, because I'm itching to have another photo-shoot with the dolls!

    3. This Saturday was gorgeous! Today is very nice too, but windier and chillier. Gorgeous sun though.

  2. The leaves are so pretty now. My favorite picture is the 4th one.

    1. That was a tricky one. The ground was very uneven.