Thursday, October 17, 2013

Issues and Throwback Thursday

Getting Back On Track?

We're sorry we have been away since Monday. A lot has been happening in our house.

Camera on Other Side of State

Franz has borrowed the camera and went to Coolspring Power Museum. We had to stay behind this time. Very sad, but  we can go again in June.

Sevens' Eyes

One of our kitties has a swollen eye. He went to see a specialist this week and needs drops 3 and 4 times a day. So we are here helping Xyra take care of Seven.

Throwback Thursday

We are combing our picture library and found a few things to post. Since it is still Thursday, a Throwback Thursday item.

This is a school outfit I put together a long time ago. It has pieces from 6 different AG sets.
The Reversible Schoolbag is a lot of fun. It can be used as a messenger bag or back pack. One side is blue and the other is silver. My watch is from that set as well.
The water bottle is from Jess's Travel Accessories. My bracelet is from the Birthday Girl Dress and I'm wearing the original Lilac Glasses from 2004. The jacket and shoes are from Coconut's Best Friend Outfit.

Finally, my dress and ponytail holder are from the Licorice's Best Friend Outfit. If you check these on the AG Wikia site, there will be discrepancies. They show this pony-O with the C'sBFO, but mine came with a light blue hair clip and the L'sBFO had the fun pony-O. All of these items are now retired.

Awesome Mail!

Our AG Holiday Catalog arrived today! Yay! LOVE, love, love the poster of Bennett and Yank! Haven't finished paging through it, but will soon.


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