Thursday, October 31, 2013

Costumes 2013

After searching through the wardrobe we found some fun costumes for this year.
Here we are ready with our treat buckets. 
Wondering what we are? Read on…
Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, Xyra

Oh what fun putting together our costumes!
Speak for yourself! You had the easiest one this year.
(chuckling) I guess I did. But you were the black cat last year.
(giggling) True. Who’s calling it for next year?
Let’s wait for next year. Although…I haven’t been the cat…yet.
Good idea. Show it off, Lanie!

Love those tails.
Meatloaf is such a good sport!
Hey, Kirsten, thank you for lending me the outfit.
You’re welcome. I think you make a nice Laura Ingalls.
Not really obvious. Maybe you should carry one of her books.
Well, they can think of me as a pioneer girl and that is fine.
Your turn to show it off…do a little spin.
Just take another picture of him. He’s too cute.
Yours isn’t very obvious either, Kirsten. What are you supposed to be?
A Victorian Lady.
I wish I had a hat or something.
Show it off!
And show us the shoes! They are really cool.
Melody! Your turn!
Are you a charwoman?
Nope. A little more recent than that.
Yeah. I was on the Internet and saw a great idea for Rosie the Riveter. 
My headscarf isn’t quite right.
Close enough! That’s really cool!
Thanks. I’m glad it is warm this year. Short sleeves are usually no good for October in Pennsylvania.
We’re ready to go!

Happy Halloween!