Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Library Book Review #6

Gilda Joyce: The Ghost Sonata

Only One Library Book After This One


I picked this one. It is by Jennifer Allison.
We read the first book, Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator, a while ago. It was good. When I saw this on the library shelf I jumped at it; not realizing it was book three. The good thing is the story is complete. I didn’t have to read book 2 before book 3.
This mystery is really neat. It starts in the USA and then moves over to England. Gilda finds a way to go to England with her friend Wendy. Weird stuff starts happening and Gilda sets to figuring out what the ghost wants.
The chapter headers are fun with Gilda's big glasses and a great font. The story includes Gilda's thoughts and her travel journal homework entries too. Lots of fun!
I’ll be looking for book 2 and the remaining 2 in the future.


Gilda is funny. She thinks she is this great investigator; well, she is really good at figuring things out, but her “disguises” are really out there. Not concealing at all. She is very observant and knows how to ask good questions.
Wendy is really neat! I felt bad for her having to compete with nerves and being haunted on top of that stress. I think she has a bit more respect for her mother’s rituals now.
Looking forward to reading another.


Love mysteries! Also love ghost stories and this has both. Gilda is a unique girl. She has interesting skills and hobbies. I was interested in the tarot cards and how different decks are created to different themes. I made me think of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie. That had a very interesting tarot card deck.


Poor Wendy! She is so stressed out practicing for this competition. While she likes playing the piano and the music, she doesn’t seem to enjoy competing. I think she should embrace her mother’s traditions even if she thinks they are silly.
Gilda is funny. She tries to be stealthy, but is not.
I liked the story and the friendship and want to read more.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I had no idea this was book three when I picked it up. Really wish publishers would put numbers on the spines of series books. Makes it much easier to stay in order. Thankfully, the Gilda Joyce mysteries are stand alone stories.

Gilda is a lot of fun. She is over the top with her disguises and wardrobe choices...she almost never blends in to her surroundings. Especially not here. Gilda is clever and witty. She sets her sites on a goal and works to get there. In this episode her goal was to get to England.

It was good she did achieve this goal. Her friend, Wendy, really needed her. How did she get there...she applied to be the official page turner for the International Virtuoso Piano Competition. The competitors came from all over the world and were the cream of the crop in their country.

Strange things started happening as the Americans boarded their flight to England and kept going to the very end.

This is part ghost story and part pageant mom antics - with Gilda on the case both portions of the story handled. I won't say with aplomb...Gilda is a very unique individual intelligent, clever, and witty, but not very subtle or tactful. her conviction with regards to her talents is wonderful.

With regards to the composition of the story...Jennifer Allison has a firm grip on her inner teen. Her descriptions were clear. Her story flowed nicely from Gilda's point of view and sometimes Wendy's. The inclusion of Gilda's journal entries made it more personal (not sure I like Gilda's handwriting though. ;-) ).

I really enjoyed the first one (it's in my personal library); this was just as much fun to read, so I am adding the rest of the Gilda Joyce books to my to be read list.

Happy reading and have a great day!



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    1. It is really neat how they used different fonts in the book. Made the story more personal.
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing.