Monday, September 30, 2013

Camp Memories

This is an activity we didn't get to post during the Camp Doll Diaries, but had fun creating.

Key: Melody, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie

Picking up at the arrival of the camp portrait...

Camp was fun, wasn't it?
Yep! I hope we go again next year.
Do you remember the garden?
How could I forget?

Earlier During Camp

We need to prepare the garden soil.
Do you think this is deep enough?
 It's great. Now there is enough space for the new plant and soil.
These parsley plants are cute! I bet Lulu, Nutmeg, and Razzi would love this!
(I know Flash and Digger do.)
All planted! Now we water and watch it grow.

Final Night at Camp

We need to harvest our parsley!
Let's go get it!
And feed the bunnies!
Did you know that parsley is a natural breath freshener?

Back at the Cabin

There goes another wild cat!
Save the parsley!
See the bunnies do like it.
Even the invader bunnies!
That was a fun night before, we packed up to come home. 
Un-decorating the cabin and packing was kind of sad.
But we are happy to be home now...
and doing other fun things!

Have a great day and night! 

PS. You can still do the camp crafts, just click Camp Doll Diaries. when the page comes up scroll and page through the posts to choose the crafts and activities you want to do. Just remember all the giveaways and spotlights are over.