Friday, September 6, 2013

OG Essentially Yours

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My School Bag: Our Generation Essentially Yours Set

When the back-to-school buzz started most people found the Our Generation S-Cool Bag and the Munch 'N Lunch Bag. We found the Essentially Yours set. Sadly, it is no longer on the website, but check you local Target anyway. It was in the display with the other two.

While green is my favorite color, I really like wearing purple, so this was a must have. Of course, it isn't really a schoolbag, but who doesn't repurpose things? Here it is in the box:

And the empty box. :-D

The set contains: a flower purse, beauty case, digital camera, and smartphone with headphones.
So now we have two cameras and two cell phones. This phone is more advanced than our current flip phone and even smarter than Xyra's phone. :-o

The purse is big enough to use as a book or tote bag.
Doesn't the beauty bag look like a pencil case? That's how I'm using it. I just love the pink polka dot interior. 

Everything fits inside. 
It's great. Worth every penny. And depending on where you live (sales tax, etc.) it's under $8. Under $7 if you are in a tax free state like Delaware.

Hope your first days and weeks of the new school year are going well.
Best wishes!
Ta'c kuleewit

Great thanks to the wonderful people who are keeping track of Native American languages. We found some useful Nez Perce phrases and words at this site.


  1. I saw that one at Target too but I didn't get it. Cute!!

    1. I hemmed and hawed a bit before putting it in the cart, but am glad I got it. It is really cute and goes with so many of their outfits.

  2. So cute gotta look out for that at my store!!!

  3. That camera is very realistic. I think Our Generation does a great job at making cute accessories. Thanks for reviewing!


    1. I agree. OG does a nice job with making things look real. Thank you for stopping by.