Friday, September 20, 2013

Library Book Review #2

Goddess Girls: Athena the Brain


Athena is my kind of goddess – all those great inventions. This was a fun story. Athena is so brave to go to a new school so far away from what she considers her home. Then she takes on the bullies with style. I hope we read more of this series.


I hope I’m smart enough to see boys like Poseidon for what they are and not fall for their antics. He does seem nice though too. The Hero-Ology class is my favorite. I wonder if other books in the series take us into the other classes.


Really liked this book. It was fun to read and filled with fun characters. Athena is really smart. She has great inventions and a lot to learn about her real family.


This was a great book! Neat characters and story; challenges to overcome, loyalties tested, and inventions galore. I wonder why there are mortals at the Mount Olympus Academy. Athena was really nice. I’m glad she stayed true to her human friend. Mr. Cyclops is an interesting teacher, but I keep picturing Cyclops of the X-Men…he’s handsome. I wonder who Poseidon’s parents are. I hope we read more of these; they seem fun.

Xyra’s Review
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a huge fan of mythology (Greek Roman, Norse, Native American, etc.) I was intrigued by the title and subject matter of the book (and book series). I could not bring myself to give this 5 stars due to the huge liberties the authors took in creating the tween version of the gods and goddesses (especially with regards to Medusa). My biggest fear is that young readers would feel that this story is true to cannon and correct their social studies teachers when they start studying Greek mythology in school (is that still taught?).

That being said, I really, really liked this story. It was cute to see favorite characters in school and interacting together. It is interesting to see the goddess of wisdom unsure of herself. LOVED the hero-ology class project revolving around the Trojan War - that was amusing and clever. I have a feeling this "Iliad & Odyssey" side story will continue through the series.

The overall message is clear and focuses on Athena as the new girl in school tackling challenges and coming out on top (all with the help of an olive) calm, cool, collected, with a whole new group of friends and loyalty to her earth family.

It also made me want to refresh my knowledge of the myths surrounding the characters mentioned, their lineage, and origins.

Cute, clever, and unique. I want to read more.

Happy reading!
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  1. Iman and I read that series a couple of years ago!! They are pretty good books, and all have cute story lines. :)

    1. Neat. Glad to know that. We will add the rest of the series to our to be read (TBR) list.

      Any other reading suggestions?