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Library Book Review #4

Library Book Review #4: Just Grace


The teacher goofed. She should have called all the Graces by their initials, and then the Grace telling the story wouldn’t have started complaining right away. She seems like she wants to be seen as a good girl, but all the whining and complaining she does gets in the way. I’m kind of sorry I picked this book.
Like Emily the Strange, this journal book had really fun chapter headers, photos, and drawings. 


Did not like the main character. It seems the only nice thing about her is that she likes cats and tries to help people when they feel bad. She wants to be a hero, even an unlikely hero, but she thinks about herself almost all the time.


Wow! My thoughts don’t sound like this. She is definitely a glass half empty person. Doesn’t seem to like anyone but Mimi, Jordan, Augustine Dupre (why does she say her full name all the time?), and Mr. Crinkles.


So this whining is annoying; almost made me not want to finish the book. But I pushed through to the end. What did I learn? When you have a million different things going through your head you miss obvious clues. If Grace were as generous as her name then she would have remembered that Augustine left her window open for Mr. Crinkles. Can’t say any more…don’t want spoilers. In the end it was an okay story, but I won’t recommend it to my friends and I won’t read it again.


My rating: 2 of 5 stars
I really had to force myself to continue reading this one. This is a journal style story seen specifically through the eyes of Grace and she does a lot of whining at the beginning and throughout the book, but the beginning was the worst.

The author really knows how to channel her inner child and think and speak and write in that pattern. A completely different take on "stream of consciousness."

As I noted above, Grace whines about what she can't do, doesn't like, doesn't learn, etc. In addition, Grace is sneaky. Had she gone to her parents with her plan all would have been better.

There are a couple redeeming situations throughout the book.
1. Grace tries to help a neighbor.
2. Grace does eventually open her eyes to see another side of Sammy.

Other than that, Grace really sounds like a whiny, selfish brat the whole way through the book. Thankfully this was a short book and didn't take a lot of time. I read the first 20+ pages one night and the rest the following day.

[I don't remember being this judgmental when I was in elementary or middle school.]

As journal style books go, I did like the doodles, pictures, and headers in this one. However, I prefer Emily the Strange's prattling to Grace's whining.

Happy Reading! 

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