Sunday, September 15, 2013



Hi! Welcome back and thank you for checking in on our older posts while we were unable to make new ones for you to enjoy. I'm certain you all have times when your schedules are so full that something just has to take a back seat. That is how our last week was. I've mentioned before that Xyra is our photographer and typist. Well, this last week we barely saw her at home; so many tasks to get done including her regular home chores. This week we hope to make it up to you. 


Melody, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Xyra, Librarian

Who has homework?
We all do.
What needs to be done?
Math, Language Arts, Reading.
What are we reading?
Nothing yet. We have to choose books and keep track of them on a log and with a journal.
Fun…so your homework can also go on our blog.
Never thought of that. Yes, it can.
Is there a specific list or do you get to choose your own?
Choose our own.
Great the best place to do your homework AND get books for your reading list is the library. Let’s go!

At The Library

Here’s a table you can share.
Let’s get our stuff done.
It’s so quiet here.
I love this homework helper. I wish I could take him home.

I’m done! I’m going to check out the stacks. Hey! Look here’s a Molly’s Mystery book.

Cool. There’s Ivy & Bean over here.
And remember The Secret School? Well, other books by Avi are here too.
I seem to be in the C author section.
Check it out! Hardy Boys!
(all) Nice!
Oh, and Seekers and Warriors too.
I have my three!
I have three too, but they are all in one book!
We picked the same three.
All right! Kirsten, help me take the books to front so we can borrow them.
Ohhhh, the library mascot is a snake! Isn’t it cool?

These books are due back September 28.
Sounds good!

Outside Library

So which book are we reading first?
Ivy & Bean!
It’s the shortest.
Are we going straight home?
It’s too nice!
Let’s go to the playground!

Tune in Tuesday for our trip to the playground.




  1. I missed your posts but kept checking. So good to see the girls use the library for homework and books to read. Hope the busy-ness schedule relaxes somewhat.
    Grandma Enne

  2. I know what you mean!! I'm still trying to get used to Middle School and ALL the Homework we get!!! I'm praying that I get into a routine and can get back to my blog and the rest of my life!! LOL!!!

    I wish you the best and I love your post. I LOVE the Library, it's my favorite place!!!

    1. Thank you.
      I agree the library is my favorite place. I should go there more often.

  3. Replies
    1. We will. First one will be Wednesday. :)
      Thank you for stopping by.

  4. I've read the "Tumtum & Nutmeg" books, they're really sweet!

    1. We're reading that one now. The army has just driven Aunt Ivy from the house, but I fear she will return. :-S But don't tell me anything.