Sunday, September 8, 2013

Road Trip - Bedford PA

Road Trip!

Key: Kirsten, Kaya, Melody, Lanie, Xyra, Franz

Early in the morning at home

Who’s up of a road trip?
I am!
Me too!
No thanks. Maybe next time.
What about you Kaya?
I’ll stay with Kirsten.
Okay. Lanie, Melody...get ready and back here ASAP.

In the truck

Where are we going?
Bedford. We’re picking up…well, you’ll see.
I’m glad we packed some magazines for the ride.
Yeah, it’s a long one, but not as far as Coolspring.

Bedford at Master Taylor’s house

Go exercise Cocoa and Lulu, but stay clear of our loading.
No worries!
Wow! Check out this engine!
It’s big.
Master Taylor says it is a 12 horsepower S.M. Jones.
[Xyra aside: I tried searching for some information on the Internet and it is really sparse for this company. Sorry.]

Walking around the yard

Hey, look! A garden with a pumpkin patch!

Ooooo. Cool

Here’s a cute one. It’s huge!

Not to Xyra. (laughing)

True. Look how tiny Lulu is next to it.

Too cute.

This one is different from those.

I think this is a Small Sugar pumpkin.

And those?

They should be Sunshine.

What about that one?

Dickinson, maybe. Master Taylor says that all of them are pie pumpkins.

Yum! Pumpkin pie!

Yeah. I love pumpkin pie, especially with a little whipped cream. Check out Cocoa getting some shade from that pumpkin leaf.

It’s really hot today.

Super sticky…how do some say it?

It’s close. (giggling)
We’re all loaded.
Wow! That’s a huge motorcar!
It’s a Fairmont ST-2 from the Huntington and Broad Top Railroad.
Needs a little work.
(All Laughing)
Heading out!
Ah, riding home in air conditioning is nice.


  1. I apologize to anyone who is trying to play a video. There is no video attached to this blog post, but I've heard that a frame and play button are visible. Troubleshooting this issue before posting again.

  2. Nice photos. I love pumpkin pie!

  3. That's such a cute photo story!!!