Friday, September 27, 2013

New Dog Review

The new members of our pet family are happy in their new home. They fit right in.

Before they joined the family...

Okay, we didn't rescue these two little pups from a thrift store or flea market, we got them new. But all of our live furry family members were rescues. Well, they found us.

Meatloaf and his Pet Travel Carrier Set came from Costco. Lena is an Our Generation pup. Here they are still snug in their packaging.
Open the correct end of Meatloaf's carrier for reusing the box. 
Then Meatloaf's platform slides out of the box. The bowls are under molded plastic, the bed and placemat are in plastic sleeves, and all are taped to the cardboard. Meatloaf is held in place by string. While the bottom of Lena's box opens to reveal zip tie anchors.
Lena is pretty easy to remove from her box. Just snip the zip ties, pull the leash apart at the middle, and gently tug her loose. 
Her leash comes apart in the middle of the lead and at the collar so you can play with her with or without the lead.
Meatloaf releases with a few snips, but getting his gear loose is a bit more difficult...if you want to save the packaging. The book comes out very easily. 
The bowls are the worst part. This is everything out of the box.
The inside of the carrier.
The carrier is really big without the platform inside. It is a nice, sturdy box. I think the end tabs will wear quickly, but I probably won't use the box as a carrier.

You can get a chocolate shih tzu puppy at Target in the Our Generation section for $2.99. There are several breeds to choose from. Meatloaf and three other pets might be found at your local Costco for $22.49.


PS. Posting twice today because we won't get another chance to post until Monday. Have a great weekend.


  1. Meatloaf! What a name! It cracks me up! Thanks for the post Melody.

    1. I know, right. I can't believe AG gave him that name. He has a great howl "by the dashboard lights." ;-D

  2. MEATLOAF!!!! I want Meatloaf sooooo bad!!!! Congrats on adding to your family!

    1. Thank you. Be patient and one may head your way. I've liked him since his release, but was waiting for a sale. Seeing him at Costco was just as good as an AG sale.

  3. I feel cheated out of my money right now. :} (I got Meatloaf at the American Girl Store last year...but he didn't come with all that stuff!)

    1. Please don't feel cheated. You have a great pet. And you have a collar and name tag for yours. Mine doesn't have that and I wish he did.