Monday, April 9, 2018

Meatloaf's Rail Adventures #6

Reading Blue Mountain and Northern

Exploring Different Branches

Meatloaf started exploring the Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad back in 2015 another trip followed in 2017 and now this weekend found him there again. This time the starting point was Pottsville, PA. The forecast included low temps and the possibility of snow or rain they took the SOO Line car like his first time on this railroad and in March. [Here's a link to the SOO Line Wikipedia page.]

The morning began early. We're talking the alarm sounded at 4 AM and they were out the door at 5 AM, well 5:15. While Meatloaf happily put on his sweater and bounded out the door to the truck, he fell asleep as the truck pulled away. Actually, I went back to sleep after they left too. Waaaay too early for me!

Set on happened during sunrise. Meatloaf waited patiently checking out the area.

After the safety meeting he was ready to go. Boy was he surprised the first move was a reverse move (that means the cars backed up to a certain point before moving forward).
He was looking out the wrong view. Switch!
Soon heading forward the line of cars made it's way up to Good Spring.
During this first stop Meatloaf wasn't sure he wanted to leave the warmth of the car, but the trees looked inviting.
Then he found a great rock to survey and supervise. We're experiencing "third winter" here, see all the leaves! 

Then Meatloaf found a creek on the other side.

Happy to be back on the move the line started heading out to Schuylkill Haven (scoo-kill).
Beautiful scenery.
And the river.
The Schuylkill Haven station houses offices and a small museum. Meatloaf found a phone booth with a pay phone inside.
Cars that were his size. (Xyra aside: Perfect for the girls too.)

This model is important because the Reading & Perkiomen was the branch that used to run from Emmaus through Pennsburg to Oaks and Valley Forge. Now it stops at Rt 663 in Pennsburg. The rest was turned into a hiking trail from Green Lane to Valley Forge.
It's a nice station. Meatloaf was happy to stop here for lunch and to stretch his little legs.

He found the library!

Then headed back to the car. It was still really cold and he wanted to snuggle in the blanket.

Moving along the river again; you can see the sun is trying to make a stronger appearance by how the water sparkles.
The next stop was by a ball field in West Leesport.
He had a little trouble on the ballast, but still took a look around.
Heading back north, the group stopped at Port Clinton.
Then it was back to Pottsville...sunset happened along the way.
Hope you enjoyed Meatloaf's Rail Adventure.

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  1. Looks like he had fun!

  2. Looks like a fun day, even if it was cold. I got a chuckle out of "third winter"!