Monday, April 10, 2017

Meatloaf's Rail Adventures #3

Familiar Railroad

Different Branches

Back in 2015 Meatloaf happily rode the rails of the Reading, Blue Mountain, and Northern Railroad. The two-day trip left from Port Clinton both days traveling to Minersville one day and Jim Thorpe or Mauch Chunk the next. This time the trip started in Jim Thorpe.

Day One

It was overcast and damp. When you head north it stays cooler. So Meatloaf wore his trusty raincoat. (We're working on making him a true safety yellow outfit for these outings). A couple times he shook his head possibly thinking, "I should have my sweatshirt" but he was a happy pup the whole day.

The first stop was at the Tamaqua Station. Meatloaf stretched his legs around the station.

Then posed on the caboose. Had to help him up on a few of these poses.

When the leader blew the horn we loaded up into our Canandian National motorcar. There were so many in line this year we had to memorize our car number to find it more quickly. Oh, motorcars are also called speeders. They were used as track inspection vehicles, but were replaced by hy-rail vehicles. Hy-rail vehicles are regular cars or trucks like you see on the road with special gear that lowers to make it able to ride on railroad gauge rails.

Anyway, Meatloaf was ready to head out again.
At another stop he hopped out again to stretch.

When he got back in, he snuggled into a safety seat. Not only was it safe for him, but warm too. 
We covered 100 miles that first day and were happy to get back to Jim Thorpe before dark.

Day Two

Day two started out chilly too. None of the weather stations could definitely say if it would or would not rain, so Meatloaf wore his raincoat again.
Today was much sunnier.
He could bask in the sun coming through the window while we traveled over the rail.
We had a couple stops to stretch.

By lunch it was warm enough for the raincoat to come off. But it still looks like winter with all the leaves.

Time to get rolling again.
Meatloaf is always up for a trip.
Today was much shorter and we were loaded up and headed home well before sunset.

Which is your favorite photo?

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  1. I like the ones of him looking out the windows!

  2. Aww! Meatloaf is such a cutie pie!! His adorable little face! :)

    ginnie /

    1. He really does have a great face. Of all our dogs I think he is the most expressive.