Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fashion Fun LORI Style

Mini Outfit

LORI: Sweet Simplicity

Lanie, Melody, both

Hey, Mel! Check out the new outfit!
Ooo, that's cute!
It's called Sweet Simplicity.
Very nice! I'll open it while you get the dolls.
Which one? 
One? We have to try it on one of each. (giggles)
Right! (giggles)
[Melody uses the scissors to carefully open the box and cut the ties sewing the outfit in place; Lanie heads to the other room and brings back five mini dolls.]
This is a great outfit! Pants, sleeveless top, jacket, purse, sneakers, and sunglasses!
Who should try it first?
Who do you suggest?
Rebecca. We usually have trouble getting her hands through the arms.
Go for it!
[Lanie changes Rebecca]
Hey, she looks great. Everything went on easily! Well, except the glasses. They don't fit. (giggles)
My turn. Hand me Holly.
[Lanie hands over Holly and then the outfit; Melody changes Holly]
Also cute and easy on! Those glasses! I bet they don't fit anyone.
Let's keep trying.

Oh, the glasses! ARGH! [tosses the glasses on the lap desk] Hmm, I like the colors on Tama, but it makes her neck look really, really long!
Yeah, it does.

Tsk! Haley...well, she's going to wear her own pants and shoes. 
The tops fit well; and the purse goes over her head.
The colors are good for her too!

Madeline is last. 
Ugh! Her hands won't fit through the jacket arms; and her feet won't go in the sneakers.
She already was wearing purple sneakers, I'll put those back on.
The purse is adorable. It opens and can hold things.
I love the purse! Will go with a lot of the outfits.

Xyra's Notes

  • Love the LORI outfits. The construction is not always even, but clothes this tiny can be a challenge to mass produce and look well fitted.
  • Surprised it fit Rebecca best! Pants set at the right spot and stayed up. Top and jacket went right on. Purse strap long enough not to struggle with going over her head. Sneakers slipped on. Love it!
  • the top and jacket fit Holly well, but the pants were too big at the waist and would slide down.
  • Tama had a similar issue with the pants. Then the sleeveless top...seriously gave her giraffe neck! She has to wear the jacket over. A little trouble putting on one of the sneakers.
  • Mini Haley has permanent shoes. I didn't want to struggle getting her pants of if I couldn't get the others over her shoes. So she wore her own. The tops fit very well and went on easily.
  • Madeline, well, this can be a spring or summer outfit for her. the pants and top fit well. couldn't get the jacket or sneakers on at all.
  • The glasses are a waste! They didn't fit anyone and the arms are so bendy I couldn't even get them to stay on top of the heads like a headband.
  • The purse is adorable. Very spacious.
  • Overall rating: 4 out of 5 for cuteness, fit, style, and versatility. 

Who do you think looked best in this outfit?

Best wishes,


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  1. I liked it best on Holly. Those glasses though--ugh! Do you have many of the mini outfits?

    1. I think we have all of the first series outfits. Only 2 of the second series - this one and the one with the funky ear flap hat. We'll get to that one later. :-)

  2. I don't understand why they try glasses at the scale that aren't durable...

    1. They try to make them durable and there is too much flex in the arms. :(