Friday, April 21, 2017

Tea Review: Teapigs LM

National Tea Day 2017

Lanie, Melody, both

What better way to celebrate than with a tea review?!
Today we're looking at one of the blends we picked up at the Coffee and Tea Festival - Philly in the fall. It's from Teapigs.

Teapigs: Liquorice Mint

This is one of the most unique blends we brought back from the festival in November. It's an herbal infusion and naturally caffeine free.
Cute box.
You bet! This is the size you can get in the pick a mix. A great way to try different blends.
Each pack holds two tea temples.
I'm going to drop this in the tea pot while we wait for the kettle. What does the box say?
It's a note from Louise. 
"What's special about this tea? Pure liquorice root with whole peppermint leaves create a naturally sweet and refreshing drink that is irresistibly moreish. Get ready to be wowed." Then there is a desctiption of the tea temples. 
Oh, and the steeping instructions! Yay! One tea temple per person, water 212°F, brew 3-5 minutes.
Great! Water is ready!
Looks lovely already.
[timer beeps]
Look how the leaves expanded to fill the temple!

The color is really nice.
It smells wonderful!

First Sip - Plain
This is how I had it at the festival, plain. It was really good. Hmmm, this is different. Still tasty, and sweet.
Yes, the mint and the liquorice root blend nicely. I'm not sure which flavor hits me first. I think maybe the mint.

Second Sip - Table Sugar
It really doesn't need any sweetener, but I want to try a few just to see what happens. I get the mint stronger.
But the liquorice stays with you more after. It's more like candy now.  Maybe too sweet.

Third Sip - Turbinado Sugar
Hmmm, the turbinado sugar adds another flavor to the mix. Not bad; kind of rounds off the edges the table sugar created.
Yes. I see what you mean. I'm still getting a lot of liquorice in the after taste.

Fourth Sip - Honey
Okay, this changes it even more. No edges here. Very minty.
No, it's kind of rich. But I'm still getting a really strong liquorice flavor.
Well, it is first in the name. (giggles)
But Gramma Enne wouldn't touch this.
No, and it is different than what I tasted in November.
[Lanie, goes to Teapigs website and reads more]
I think I have it. We set the timer for 5 minutes. Looks like we should have set it for 3 instead.
Oh, yeah! That would make a big difference.

The Teapigs Liquorice Mint blend is tasty and refreshing.
And can be too strong if you're not careful.

Have you had tea today? What blend was in your cup? Would you try this blend?

Xyra's Notes

  • I really liked this blend in November, not quite as much today. It was too minty for me.
  • Looking forward to trying the second temple and only steeping for 3 minutes.
  • Was tasty with a vanilla cupcake.
  • It has great potential to be very refreshing.

We raise our cup to you today! Thank you for stopping!

Best wishes,


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  1. I'm with Grandma Enne on this one, not a fan of licorice. It does sound interesting though, especially since adding different things brought out different notes.

    1. Good to know. No Good n' Plenty in any gift bags to your house. :)

  2. I'm with Flo and Grandma Enne on this one. All yours! (Although, I do like licorice on small doses)

    1. We have to try it again. I really remember liking it much better at the festival.