Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Fun 2017 II

Carrot Bowling Plus

Grace, Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Lea, Melody, 2 or more

Bowling for Carrots

This is a good spot.
I'll set up the pins.
Where is the ball?
Here! There are two.
[Miscellaneous chatter and laughter]
Go, Kaya!
You can do it!
[Kaya rolls the ball, pins clatter, ball rolls back]
Woo hoo!
Good job!
Oh, don't take the ball, Bijoux!
[More turns taken; each have a chance to bowl]
Wow! That's fun!
Yeah, but it's getting hot.
Let's head out back.
Grab the basket!
[Everyone packs up the carrot bowling game and heads to the back porch. Melody and Grace grab the basket and stuff from the living room, Haley, Kaya, and Kirsten stop for a drink and snack before joining the others.]

Out Back

Ooo, let's do this.
I'll help.
We want this one.
You bet!
[Opening packages, bricks spill, Haley, Kaya, and Kirsten make it to the porch]
That's cool!
Just put the last brick in place.
The wheelbarrow is adorable!
Check out the magnifying really works!
Super cool!

Is that tic-tac-toe?
Yeah. Neat, right?
You bet. What are the pieces?
Bunnies vs. hamsters! (giggles)
I'll play winner. 
Great idea!

The tulips are starting to open!
They are really pretty. I think the red are my favorite. (giggles)
How did I know you'd say that? (giggles)

We had a lot of fun on Easter and hope you did too, whether you celebrate the holiday or not, we only wish our readers and followers the best.

What was your favorite photo?

Best wishes,

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