Friday, July 10, 2015

Rebuilding the Calendar

Legos Friends Calendar

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more, Xyra

It's time to rebuild the calendar.
We're late.
Yes, we should have done this on July 1.
We've got it covered now.
Can we make it patriotic?
We can try. Search for red and blue bricks.
We don't have a lot of those.
Oh, well.
We'll just do the best we can.
Oh, no!
We don't have enough 6 and 2 bricks to follow the instructions.
Don't worry. Everything is awesome when you create. Just shift and now we can use 8s.
Good thinking!
I think we need a trip to the Lego store to pick some bricks.
I like it!

What do you think?

Are You a Creator?

No Kragl here! The Lego perpetual calendars come with all you need to make a 5 row calendar with a base row and foundation. 
For all intents and purposes you would only have to change the month and rebuild the days while leaving the rest as is. However, we've been adding other Friends sets to it. it got kind of big, so now we are focused on creating in a smaller footprint. It's a fun challenge each month. 

What colors do you think best represent August?

Best wishes!


  1. Wow, that Lego calendar is so cool! It looks like a great thing to put on a desk. For August colors, I think blue and pink are good, or maybe green.
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. I love it! Thank you for the suggestions - if we combine yours and Universe Revolves I think we'll have a lovely sunset. :)

  2. Wow , I need to get one of those calendars ! I think sky blue and yellow are great August colors .

    1. It's sold out on the Lego website, but might be available through other markets (eBay, etc.). Thank you for the color suggestions. I'm thinking sunset. :)

  3. Those are so cool, I've never seen one before! I think I might have to get one.

    1. I found it last year while looking for a gift on the Lego website. They have great sales there. Unfortunately, this set is sold out. Might find one on eBay or the like, but look for NIP or you may be missing pieces. :)