Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Doll Finds: Pier 1 Imports

You Never Know...

What You May Find

We were on a mission the other day and happened to pass through Pier 1 Imports. Xyra found a great scarf (we used it in our Independence Day post) and at the check out spotted a few more cool things.

Let's start with this shopping bag. I love it and it has the logos and stuff on it for official shopping. 

Now, let's see what's inside.

This little owl was the most expensive item. 

We might have passed on it if it had been more clearly marked, but it reminded us of Julie's new clock and was too cute.

Then we saw a jeweled mirror. 

It would be perfect in a bedroom or living room.

Another room decoration or maybe for a costume. This light, wood fan. Isn't it pretty?

Xyra's Notes

All four items were in the tower by the cashier. The little bag was on top. It's a gift card holder and was on clearance for 49 cents. The mirror and fan were each $1. The little owl is a lip gloss and there were different colors/flavors: green, yellow, orange, and blue (I think) - mostly green. It was originally marked $4, but came down a bit when scanned.

What do you think of our finds?

Best wishes,



  1. I need that fan! Any chance you can swing by again? :) I'll have to see where our Pier One's are.

    1. Sure thing. :) I went to the one at Coventry Mall. I think there is one in KoP too.

  2. I LOVE the mirror and fan!

    - Ellie

  3. Cool finds ! Wish we could find this stuff near us !

    1. Just keep your eyes open. I rarely see the things many of the other bloggers find. Just happened to click this time. :-)

  4. Great finds! I like them all, not sure which is my favorite.