Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Book Review: Shakespeare's Secret

Shakespeare's Secret

by Elise Broach

Xyra and I read this in June and loved it! I couldn't wait to have my sisters read it and I'm glad we finished in time for the next Kid Lit Blog Hop. Check out our thoughts on this mystery.


So I already told you I loved this mystery. It was very interesting and made me want to look up information about Shakespeare. It also made me want to look up information on family heritage. Can you imagine being able to trace your family back to royalty? Just exciting all around.


Poor Hero - so much to live up to in that name! I am glad that she was able to make friends in her neighborhood and eventually in school. I could really relate to her about being the new girl.


The action kept coming from chapter to chapter. I didn't want to put it down. Danny was as mysterious as the location of the pendant. It was fun getting to know him. His relationship with Hero showed how easy it is to make up your mind about someone without meeting them - and just how wrong about them you could be.


Hero and Danny were great about helping Miriam with her garden. I'd have been there with them! This was a fun read. The story moved along well and all of the characters were nice to get to know. Poor Beatrice having that one snooty girl...I'm glad she learned something too.


This mystery is not too long. the chapters and story move along nicely. It is easy to read and also easy to put down when you know you have to. I really liked the house and all the neat hiding places Hero found while exploring. I'd love a house like that. Readers learn a little bit about one of the many conspiracy theories surrounding Shakespeare and a little about Queen Elizabeth I. Bringing the past and present together is so cool.

Xyra's Review

Shakespeare's SecretShakespeare's Secret by Elise Broach
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book!

The main characters are well developed in self and relationship to others.  Their back stories unfold as the plot progresses. Each learns something about each other and themselves as their friendships grow.

I love Shakespeare so the title caught my attention immediately. I'm not thrilled with the conspiracies surrounding his identity or work, but know they exist. This story made good use of one.

Like the original Nancy Drew mystery titles, this book holds more than one mystery and Hero does a great job with her friends in solving all of them.

It was nice to see a friendship develop between a young person and her older neighbor. The bond between Miriam and Hero grew throughout the story and it was not easy. There were ups and downs and some fights. The same holds true with Hero and Danny.

Beatrice's life is interesting and sad. I bet her ways of fitting in at a new school are authentic. It works for her in a roundabout way. Hero's way is just as sad. It is good to see the pattern doesn't completely repeat itself in this town.

This was a great book with depth and a smooth flow of action. It had me captivated from beginning to end.

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  1. Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing :0)

  2. How fun! I love that everyone gives their input and opinion on the book. Sounds like a great book; thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a fun book. This one appealed to everyone, that doesn't happen all the time. :)

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  3. Thanks for these great reviews! This is one that I have had sitting on the shelf for awhile but not yet gotten to. Will read soon! Thanks for sharing with the #KidLitBlogHop!

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  4. I love Shakespeare also and a good mystery. Thanks for this review and sharing it on KLBH. I'll have to read this myself very soon.

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