Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fashion Review: Sharon's Fabric Creations

Zebra Outfit

Hi! You might remember this outfit from my shopping spree at Coolspring Power Museum's Flea Market. The full name of the business is Pete and Sharon's Wood and Fabric Creations. Pete and Sharon frequent the flea markets, craft sales, and vendor events around Punxsutawney, PA. Excuse me, Punxsutawney Pennsylvania. Pennsylvanians really do refer to our state by its postal abbreviation, p-a not pa (giggling). You can also reach Pete and Sharon at 814-938-3928. They don't have a website.

The Review

This is a great outfit. It comes with a tunic or dress and leggings. 
The top is a bit longer than I had imagined, but that's to accommodate the zipper in back.
Yes, it has an actual zipper. No velcro to catch my hair!
You can see how far the zipper goes so it is very easy to get the dress part on and off.
The leggings are made of a soft, shiny material. they are very comfy. They go all the way to my ankles.
You can push them up if you want shorter leggings.
They are high waisted. So if you mix and match these with a shorter top - you're covered when you sit down.
They also have an elastic waist. 
Check out the detail on the seams and hems.

Back to the dress. You can wear this without leggings too. 
I love the zebra embroidered on the front.
The green in the embroidery matches the green in the ruffled part of the skirt. The tulle ruffles are nice too. Not picky.
Check out the details in the seams, layers, hem, and zipper.

The bodice is lined with a nylon shell. You don't see the back of the embroidery.

Xyra's Notes

  • Sharon's display pairs shoes with the outfits. They cost extra. I passed on the suggested pair knowing we had these flats at home.
  • This outfit cost $10 (including tax).
  • Other outfits do use velcro. Only patterns long enough to accommodate zippers have them.
  • There were many versions of this outfit available - different colors and embroidery embellishments.
  • The phone number Kirsten gave is directly from Pete and Sharon's business card.
  • Both pieces are really easy to get on and off.

If you were to get a similar outfit, what color would you get? What would you want embroidered on the front?

Stop again soon. Have a nice day!


  1. What a cute outfit. Lots of detailing for only $10 incl. tax. The little black flats go really well with the outfit. Great pictures. Sharp dressers, all you girls. Grandma Enne

  2. That is one beautiful outfit ! Thanks for the review . Do they have an email by any chance ?

    1. Sadly, there is not an email address on the business card. Looks like they permit snail mail though: 53 Carrick Lane Punxsutawney 15767

  3. So cute! I definitely like the top as a dress alone, some nice mix and match pieces. Hee hee, we're just a couple of PA girls!