Thursday, July 16, 2015

Movie Day 3

80s Movies and Outfits

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more


Lady Webby and Princess Bella had us over to their house for movies.
It's so much fun going there.
I know, right?!
She always has fun 80s themed decorations and goody bags.
So this time we decided to raid our wardrobes to look more 80s.
We googled, but Xyra also helped.
You saw these earlier this week.
But I had my bracelets on for movie day. :)

Heading Out

Xyra grabbed the cheese platter thermal and we piled into the car.
You know the radio was on!
We were singing along until she realized we were still listening to Radio Disney.
Yeah, she changed it to 80s on 8 and First Wave after that.
Good music back then too.


We alighted and entered Lady Webby's.
Oh, Bijoux and Coco tagged along. They wanted to visit with Princess Bella.
Those three are so cute!
See my bracelets! I really liked them.
Couldn't wait to jump on our favorite couch! 
Man, this photo isn't so great. Oh, well.
We got settled and Xyra brought us brunch.
A super yummy cheese quiche and homemade garlic knots.
Not to mention cheese and crackers and berries.


Matinee 1

The first movie we watched was called The Goonies.
Goonies were residents of the Goondocks. 
The town was going to be evicted and turned into a resort.
That reminds me of Girl of the Year Kailey's story.
Yeah! But she was in California. This was Oregon.
Right. Kailey convinced the people of natural treasure while this group looked for pirate treasure.
Chunk was annoying.
But he had a good heart.
I suppose.
Mouth was annoying too.
His translations were definitely PG.
Data was funny!
But brilliant!
I'm glad the older brother helped. 
Did you notice one of the writers was Chris Columbus?
Cool! He's got great credits!
Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Night at the Museum...
And he's from Pennsylvania.
The Goonies was a good movie. PG but it's an action adventure with criminals.
It's the scary situations that give it that rating.

Matinee 2

After Goonies we stretched our legs.
Refilled drinks.
Filled our plates with strawberry pretzel yumminess!
Then settled in for the second show.
Sixteen Candles.
There's Princess Bella.
This one is PG too, but more for language and adult situations.
In this one Andy, no, Samantha...
Andy was Pretty in Pink. 
They are all Molly Ringwald.
Anyway, Sam has to deal with her sister's wedding and her family forgetting her birthday.
Sweet Sixteen too.
Also a good and funny movie. However, it included almost every high school stereotype.
Some barriers are broken in the end.
And a super nice Porche!

Looking forward to our next movie day.
It's fun hanging our with Ladies Webby, Vanyer, and Navia.
Not to mention Princess Bella!

What are your favorite movie snacks?

Best wishes!


  1. Looks like a very fun day! How did I get through the 80s without seeing The Goonies?! Jen

    1. It was my first time seeing the whole movie too! :) Somehow I missed it first time around too. :)

  2. Don't feel bad guys, I never saw Goonies either. We were all too busy channeling our inner Madonna perhaps?

    Kirsten has a bit of a Boy George vibe with that hat, love it! And when you say strawberry pretzel--as in strawberry pretzel salad?? Or something else. (And now I need to add the stuff to make pretzel salad to my shopping list for next week...)

    1. Yes, strawberry pretzel salad. Lady Webby makes an awesome one!