Monday, July 6, 2015

Model Monday: Lanie

Staying Cool

Hi! It's been hot and humid here. I went looking for a cool outfit both in style and temperature. Yes, I know I have several shades of purple going on and two different floral patterns, but I like it. :-D

The Shoot

Which photo is your favorite?

Shoot Details

This is a breakdown of what I am wearing. The headphones are My Life As. We found them at our local Walmart.

My sunglasses - well, Melody's (but we share) - are the 2006 AG Purple Sunglasses; they are now retired.

I love this top. It's from Laundry Daze Designs (That link is to their Facebook page. This one is to our post on the full outfit.).

We've all worn these jeans at some point. I think Kaya grabs them the most. These are from AG GOTY 2011 Kanani's Aloha Outfit. Yes, they are also retired.

Aren't these shoes perfect? They are the flats from OG Wherever and Ever outfit.

See you again soon!


  1. You look awesome dear, I hope you can manage to stay cool! It's a hot one here today on this side of the state too.

    1. Thank you! :-) We're not doing too much moving and grooving today. Watching movies is the best way to stay cool. I just saw the weather map...looks like both sides of the state are in for more rain. I hope it cools us off instead of making it more muggy. Stay cool!

    2. Note: The girls are having fun watching movies...I'm at work. LOL
      ~Xyra :-)

  2. This outfit looks fantastic on her ! All the pieces go together so well .