Monday, January 21, 2013

Challenge Time


Martin Luther King Jr. Day
It’s good to see you. I hope you are enjoying Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Today is a national day of service so your first challenge is to do something to help (or serve) another without them having to ask. Something as easy as putting your laundry away or cleaning your room. Perhaps something more difficult like cleaning up after your sleepover or helping your neighbor shovel snow. Your choice.

Today's Tea of Choice
What kind of tea are you having today? I had TAZO Awake-English Breakfast tea today. This is a blend of black teas with a “malty boldness & bright flavor.” Even though it has breakfast in the name you can drink this all day long. Yes, I take this with 1 sugar and a splash of milk. Don’t forget, put your sugar and milk and teabag into your cup before the water. When you add the water it stirs everything up quite nicely.

On To The Challenge
We've been talking fashion. In fact, we've discussed 9 outfits already. Take a look at the older posts and create an outfit from the pieces available. [Don’t include outfits from the catalog scan. They are not a part of my collection so I won’t be able to finish my part of the challenge.]

Post your design in the comments section and I will try it on. Xyra will take a picture of me wearing it and I’ll post in a future blog entry.

You have 1 dress, 2 pairs of pants, 2 jumpers, 3 outwear pieces, 4 skirts, 8 pairs of shoes, and 9 tops with which to work. I’m not sure if my math is correct on this or not, but it seems that just by mixing up the tops and skirts will give 36 new outfits.

While you think and design, I’ll sip another cup of TAZO Awake-English Breakfast  Or…it’s cold enough, perhaps some hot chocolate.

Happy creating!


  1. 4 skirts and 9 tops does yield 4x9 = 36 different outfits
    Yay for math!


    1. Speaking of math...I'd be interested in seeing the equation that would determine how many different outfits could be generate from all the pieces in the 9 base outfits. :-D

    2. Oops, I meant created not "generate."

    3. Nice one Aunt Debbie!!! Just like you to point that out.