Friday, January 18, 2013

Soft As Snow Outfit and More

OH. MY. GOSH! I love my new outfit! The sweater SPARKLES and is cuddly. Usually sparkly yarn can be itchy.

We laughed a lot trying to get the picture just right and it’s still a bit blurry. Oh, well, Xyra was holding a small, LED flashlight in one hand and the camera in the other. She kept sliding down the wall trying to get the right angle for sparkle, but not glare. Apparently, she was still sliding when she took the picture. :-D

As I feared, the outfit is a bit snug as my body has a slightly different shape than the AG dolls sold now, but not bad at all. Comfortable even. Definitely can’t wear socks with these boots.

Turns out because of my age my body is just slightly different than the newer dolls. This website explains more about the different body types.

I started noticing this in 2005 with the Sightseeing Outfit. The skirt was a little tight and shorter on me than in the catalog. Still looks mighty fine. :) I think the colors are nice on me. The boots are big enough to wear with and without tight, just be careful putting them on so the closure doesn't snag your tights.

In this picture I'm modeling the Sightseeing outfit with Coconut in her carrier and my rolling suitcase with removable backpack. Felicity rides well in the front.

In 2008, we sent the school Days Outfit back twice and finally exchanged it for another. I couldn’t get the pants on at all! It was horrible. So I stick with the dresses and skirt outfits. They might end up a little shorter on me but they still look nice. Most times I can wear a pair of tights to keep the outfit modest.

I bet you’ve noticed in my earlier photos I’m standing on my own. Those days were great, but my joints are a little too loose for that now. I don’t mind using the stand; it’s a great assist. I know I could go to the doll hospital or Xyra could try the operation herself, but she almost passed out watching the YouTube instructions and, honestly, the thought of having my head removed and stuffing taken out…*shudders* I’m quite happy as I am.

That’s all for today. It’s going to be a busy weekend again, so check back Monday for more. Have a great weekend!

Best wishes, Melody Q

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