Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Best Friend, Coconut

When I arrived in Pennsylvania, I didn't travel alone. Coconut tagged along for the ride. We had some great times together. [Coco is just as darling and fun loving.]

Here we are celebrating Coconut’s house warming. J  [We’ll discuss her dog house another day. Must have more pictures.] What better way to celebrate your friend than by wearing a best friend outfit? In this case, Coconut’s Best Friend Outfit.

[Teehee, do you see another friend in the background? That’s Stringfellow Hawk – he, too, is at Rainbow Bridge.]

The funny thing, when you read the wikia page or even the agplaythings website about this outfit they talk about a fuzzy, pink, ponytail holder. I didn't get one with this outfit; I got a blue claw clip bedazzled with rhinestones. [I’ll add a specific picture of that tomorrow.] It is in the picture…my hair is pulled back in it.

Let’s start with the super cute denim jacket. Quite versatile; can be used as a jacket or as a layering piece. Here it is a layering piece completing the look. Underneath is a light blue, graphic tee shirt featuring Coconut (of course). Both top khaki, cargo, Capri pants. The final touches include dark denim, floral sandals; light blue, claw clip; and fun watch.

This picture shows a close up of the tee shirt. Coconut's Best Friend Outfit was introduced in 2003 and retired in 2005.

I really love animals. Coconut was the first and there are many in my furry family. Each will get a turn in the spotlight. 

Here Coconut sits proudly in front of her new doghouse with her leash on ready for a walk. We take leisurely walks two or three times a day, depending upon the weather. Sometimes it is harder than others, but dogs need to be exercised and allowed to use the “bathroom” to avoid accidents and unwanted behavior. Walks are good for us too; they count toward our exercise for the day. What types of things do you do for exercise?

Have a great night.

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