Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Hi! Welcome to Tea Time with Melody Q.

What will you find if you follow me?

Well, I have been reading this great doll blog, Hanna's Hangout*, and it inspired me to start my own doll blog. So my plan is to share some fashion history, travel pictures, book and movie reviews as well as my adventures with you.

So put the kettle on (with adult supervision, please) and raise a "cuppa" tea with me and my friends (Kaya, Kirsten, & Lanie).

Best wishes,
Melody Quinn Silverleaf

Ps. That's me in the profile picture.



  1. Hi Melody!!!!
    Your blog looks like it will be fantastic!!! I can't wait for you to keep posting and watch your blog evolve!!! Thank you for following me, I really appreciate it!!! I will follow you ASAP!!!
    ~Hannah of Hanna's Hangout