Thursday, January 24, 2013

I’m Thinking I Could Use a Winter Coat

Nothing special tea wise to talk about today. My morning cup was the Zhena Gypsy Tea Coconut Chai Green Tea. I wanted something slightly tropical to make me think warm thoughts. It did the job, but also made me think I could use a winter coat in my wardrobe.

The northern part of the country is REALLY cold right now. I hope that anyone within reach of the Arctic air is finding a way to stay safe and warm. Come south to Pennsylvania; we are still cold, but 12 will feel a lot better than -35. “Cold Miser” is having a great time right now.

So let’s think more like “Heat Miser.” Of course, if you are reading from Australia and in the 111 degree areas you may be trying to think cool thoughts right now.

That being said, let’s compromise and review a spring outfit.

In 1998 American Girl introduced the Play Outfit. It was available until 2000 when it was retired. Another fabulous outfit with many interchangeable pieces that embrace the idea of light layers.

The play outfit includes an A-line, circle skirt in a red floral print. The hem falls to mid-calf. The material is so lightweight it twirls…you know, when you spin the hem flares out a bit. Love that!

Topping the skirt is a white, cotton tank top under a short-sleeved denim shirt. The denim shirt has pearly snaps that work so you can wear it open or closed.

Finishing off the outfit are a pair of brown suede sandals and a headband that matches the skirt.  Very cute! Here I am modeling the Play Outfit with the denim shirt closed halfway.

These early outfits focused on mixing and matching. The outer items were cut just a bit larger to allow for layering.

I won’t be digging this one out for a few more months. Kaya, Lanie, Kirsten, and I have been talking about finding our blankets to snuggle under. Kaya got her bedroll just this past Christmas. The buffalo and elk hides are big enough cover two of our laps.

Stay warm everyone (or cool depending on where you are). Raising a nice hot cuppa tea to you.

Best wishes!
Melody Q
(& Xyra, the human)

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