Friday, January 11, 2013

Cargo Outfit and more!

Hi! I’m glad you could stop by.

Today’s teas, both morning and afternoon, are a bit more exotic.

The day started with a cup of Kusmi Russian Morning #24 tea. This one takes some prepping. It’s loose tea (not in a bag like Lipton), so 1 teaspoon of dried leaves goes into a small, clear, glass teapot; I add water; and watch the leaves dance for 3 – 5 minutes (check out the picture below). Then pour out into a cup with 1 sugar and a splash of milk. This morning I used Sugar in the Raw; it adds another note to the overall flavor.

This afternoon is Revolution Pomegranate White Tea. White tea is the bud from the tea plant not the leaf. It is delicate so you want water that is hot, but not boiling. Steep 2 to 3 minutes, remove the bag, and drink.

While I usually like one sugar and a splash of milk in my tea, fruit teas are completely different. Those I drink unsweetened or with ½ tsp sugar. I learned the hard way that the citric acid curdles the milk. Ewww!

How do you like to take your tea?

Is your tea ready? Grab your cup and let’s talk about another outfit among other things. Be careful you don’t burn your tongue. That’s the WORST!

My next outfit was the Cargo Outfit. So many ways to wear this one! It’s perfect for a cool day because as the day warms up you can take off layers.  Here’s what it looked like in the catalog.

The Cargo Outfit is in the middle. The one on the left is the Perfectly Plaid Outfit. (The Mod Outfit is better, don't you think? J )

The khaki cargo pants are paired with a grey, short-sleeve tee shirt; red, plaid, flannel shirt; navy blue hoodie; olive bucket hat; and sturdy dark blue sneakers.  I’m modeling here.

Coconut and I like to go walking and hiking. She stays close to my side. Sometimes we will play in the yard or relax outside and read. I have quite a collection of American Girl magazines. One of my favorite books is Meet Felicity.

The other day I mentioned that my box was black with a yellow top. The Girl of Today clothing and accessories came in similar boxes. Below are two. The green one was for my first Hair-do Helper kit (also pictured). The blue brought Coconut’s Dog House (I’m saving that for another post).

As striking as the old boxes were, any box from American Girl is cause for excitement. Don’t you agree?

Have a great afternoon and night! Talk to you again soon!

[For more information about the tea mentioned today, check out these sites: & you don’t have to buy anything—information only.]

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