Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Mod Outfit

Oops! I have my first correction to make. J The necklace I mentioned yesterday did not come with the Urban Outfit, but with the Mod Outfit (aka Red Vinyl Jumper Outfit). My apologies.

The 1998 American Girl of Today doll arrived clad in the Mod Outfit (stock code GMOD) and you could add the accessories (GMAD) to complete the outfit. After 1998 and until it was retired in 2001, you could buy it as an individual outfit. That’s how I got it…as a separate outfit.

This was one of my first new outfits and the result of a good mistake. I asked for the Perfectly Plaid Outfit, but the person ordering (Xyra’s friend Franz*) got the codes mixed up. Talk about a surprise! This one is much more exciting than the other.

It has a red vinyl jumper, black long-sleeved turtleneck shirt, patterned tights, black boots, black beret with plaid ribbon, matching scrunchie, and mini journal necklace. The best part is the silver, lunchbox style purse! I love it! I'm using it as a jewelry box now.

This accessories also included a library card, money, lunch tickets, and a mini magazine.

* Xyra is my human. She is helping me with the blog. Franz is her guy; he helps add to my collection.

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