Wednesday, January 30, 2013

American Girl & The Happy Meal

I started reorganizing my closet, planning future posts, and came across some nifty things to share.

Back in 2009, when American Girl was unveiling Rebecca, AG sponsored the girl toy in McDonald’s Happy Meals (& Mighty Kids’ Meals). Not figures, but something like the AG Historical Girl Treasure Totes.

I collected 4 (5 total; one duplicate). Julie (2), Kirsten, Kit, & Molly. Each little book is tied with a gossamer ribbon. However, getting the ribbon retied is as difficult as re-looping Kirsten’s braids, so I only opened Julie. If you really want to see the contents of the others, I’ll open them. Just let me know.

The back and front boards are connected with an accordion house backdrop. On one side is Julie’s street (If this is not her street, please feel free to correct me; I have not read her books yet.) and on the other side is her kitchen.

Attached to the front board is a book that includes an excerpt from Julie’s “Meet” story, instructions on how to fold and use the cootie catcher, a maze, a matching game, How to Draw Nutmeg instructions, and 3 trivia questions. The back board has a pocket holding a pre-made cootie catcher, stickers, and 4 paper dolls.

Cootie catcher corner words: Groovy, Boss, Far Out, and Cool.

Cootie catcher fortunes: “You will…
“…make the biggest splash at a pool party.”
“…become a designer of pet fashions.”
“…be the voice of an animated character on TV.”
“…live in a city on the top floor of a high-rise building.”
“…choreograph a Broadway show.”
“…write a best-selling novel for girls.”
“…win a karaoke contest at a friend’s party.”
“…will always know the perfect gift for your friends.”

The paper dolls show Julie and Ivy in their “Meet” outfits and their “New Year’s” outfits, Nutmeg, and Julie’s record player and records.

The stickers show: Jiffy Pop popcorn, a basket of carrots, a Lava lamp, Tupperware pitcher & tumblers (cups), school lunch, China doll, and money in a Chinese envelope.

Looking at the room, I remember a time when I got in trouble in first grade for creating a house with my books and using my pencils and crayons as dolls to play during the lesson. Yeah, I wasn't always good at staying focused in class. J

Have a great day!


  1. That is so cool! I wish they'd done these in Australia as well :(

    1. These were a few years ago - I want to say the year Julie was introduced or maybe Rebecca. We don't get AG items often.