Wednesday, August 8, 2018

MLA Product Review: Boy Outfits

It's Too Hot to Do Anything Else

Hi! I'm taking over today. 
It's been too hot and humid to really do anything outside. We've been doing a lot of reading and watching movies. Trying to keep our pets cool. We've been wanting to showcase two My Life As outfits we got in June, but the time just kept flying by with other activities. In fact you've seen Melody wear many of these pieces in her trip to Coolspring. Anyway, today we look at them closely. I'll go get them.
Both are considered "boy" outfits. Tsk! This first one had a pair of jeans, red tank top, and white and blue striped over shirt.
Had jeans! This outfit was purchased solely to make cut off shorts to wear at Coolspring. See here are the bottom parts of the legs.
Do you see what I see? Space theme! Luci would love this tank top.
Here is a better look at the three pieces.
This outfit was picked up to add greens and aquas to our closet. 
It's kind of crazy because the olive shorts do not match any of the colors.
Not even the fern on the shirt.
We added this pin. 
It's from Lady Webby and purrfect since today is World Cat Day. Don't forget to hug your kitties today! (giggles) Here's another look of the separate pieces.
[Walks away with the outfit, a few minutes pass, Haley returns.]
So this outfit does fit well. 

The cargo pockets are real. But I really do not like these shorts with this tee and hoodie.
[Walks out with the other outfit and returns.]
This outfit matches better.

I'm sad the over shirt does not have a way to fasten it shut. It's big enough. 
Maybe Xyra can add something. Would give it even more use. Love the rocket orbiting Earth graphic.
I think the hoodie would work well with the tank.
So would these shorts, but I leave that to your imagination. It's too hot to change again. (giggles)
Overall two really nice outfits. They add 6 mix and match pieces to the closet. Mel took 4 with her to Coolspring. Here she is wearing 3!
What are your thoughts on these outfits?

The Low Down

  • The tee shirt, tank, and hoodie go on easily and fit well. They fit loosely on Haley and perfectly on Melody.
  • The over shirt would be better with button holes or even snaps. I'm happy it does not have velcro. However, I had to help Haley on with the shirt. She had both hands behind her back so I could slip the shirt on both arms at the same time.
  • The olive cargo shorts and denim cutoffs have elastic waist bands. There is decent stretch, however, it took patience to get them on Haley AND a bit more effort for Melody (hence the reason she wore them everyday in Coolspring).
  • Overall, 6 nice mix and match pieces for about $3.50 per piece. I give each outfit 4 out of 5 stars. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Have a great Wednesday!

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with My Life As or Madame Alexander. The featured outfits were purchased for our collection with our own funds. the review is unsolicited and comprised of our own observations, opinions, thoughts, and words. No links are provided My Life As clothes are available through Walmart, but as "in-store purchase" only.


  1. The outfits are cute, but what I want to really know is: where did you get the adorable Bentwood rocker? I just love it!

    1. It is great isn't it! Nonna found it and gave it to us. I have a request out to her for any information. :-)

    2. Unfortunately it was a gift to Nonna too. So We have no idea the origin of the rocker. However, she mentioned the giver having it as part of her porcelain doll collection. Sorry we can't be more helpful.

  2. I have those! A lot of MLA pieces don't match themselves as a whole outfit but they are great for mix and match!

    1. Aren't they cute! Yes! MLA is almost as bad as OG when it comes to color combinations! :-D