Monday, August 13, 2018

Goschenhoppen 2018

Goschenhoppen Folk Festival 2018

Hi! Well, what an interesting day I had at the Goschenhoppen Folk Festival. I almost didn't get to go. Some had said it was going to rain all day and it did rain really hard Saturday morning while we got ready to go. Xyra even decided to take a big Coleman cooler to put her stuff in. Of course, she had a time appropriate cover so the cooler did not show.
I got to explore a little bit, but not much. The rain started to come through and I had to head for cover, well, we all found cover. So here is what I did see. Much is similar to Grace's first post from last year. It's a bummer, I had plans to really see some new things.

Farm Animals Plus

I had a lot of fun around the farm animals. Everything was so interesting. 
The peacock was kind of lonely. He's the only one left in his family. And his mate passed away a few months ago. We called him George. George is very pretty. I didn't ask if the daughter was still living. We sold feathers. 
You could choose a small one or a long one. Both are beautiful!

This caterpillar was not part of the demonstration, but was crawling along Millie's pen. Millie is the cow.
Millie was not as cooperative in posing for me as she was for Grace.
But I finally got a decent shot with her horns. She is a milking shorthorn cow.
Four sheep waited shearing this year. Three rams and one ewe. Just in case, that's pronounced "you."
This is the ewe getting her trim.
In here are the Emden geese.
The Toulouse are here. 
I didn't get a shot with the Pekin ducks. These two male ducks...did you know you can tell the gender of a duck by its bill color, quack, and tail feathers...their bills tend to be darker than female ducks, the quack deeper, and the tail feathers curl. Oh, these two ducks were not very nice to the one goose, Gabby. The other geese aren't very nice to her either, so she got her own room both days. 

Saturday, she got to be in the bigger, shaded pen and really seemed to like it.
Oh! The Guinea keets! I got to see more than Grace did! 16 to be exact and only 4 days old. They were super tiny and fluffy and soft and cute and funny get the picture. They can be loud too. Even at just 4 days. 
You see that big dome metal thing in the left of the photo? That's a brooder. You start a fire in the main part, this is a wood burning one, and the smoke goes up the chimney, not pictured, and the dome keeps the air underneath warm so the keets stay warm.

In the chicken pen we had Rhode Island Reds. A rooster and two hens.

Next to us was the thresher. It's run by one horse power (giggles)
Can you see the white horse ahead of me like it's way up in the air? It's on an inclined tread mill. As it walks it moves the belt that works the threshing machine to make straw.

I was sent down to check on pot pie. They were working on two batches. 
Just about ready to put the chicken in, the sausage was almost ready. These homemade egg noodles are awesome!
Over there the woman is turning the copper pot making apple butter. 
I got to taste some on rye bread with schmierkase or cottage cheese. YUM-MY!
There were gorgeous flowers all over.

On our way back to report about the pot pie, I got a piece of ice from the ice truck. That was a big treat!

We heard the thunder rumbling and could see a storm brewing so we grabbed lunch.
Sausage pot pie.
Pickled Eggs also known as red beet eggs.
Summer sausage, think of something like Hickory Farms beef sticks, sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mustard, and dill pickle.
Bi-color corn.
Lots of tasty foods!

Shortly after we ate the storm came through and that ended the festival for me. I hope to go again soon!

My Outfit

So I got to wear handmade pantalettes. Addy's Summer Plaid dress, Josefina's riding boots and gold socks, Kirsten's apron and bonnet.

Please feel free to ask any questions about the Pennsylvania Dutch/German culture and traditions. 

Machts gut!


  1. Loved the pics. It all looks so interesting. We are hearing about the Pennsylvania storms way up here in Vancouver BC, Canada! The video clips on TV look ghastly. I hope you stay safe and dry. We are having a very HOT summer and this week we have thick smoke haze from the 600 wildfires burning in the interior of our province.

    1. The videos are terrible. Flash flooding is not fun. So far we are good. We've been getting news of wildfires, but mostly the ones in California. Gramma Enne keeps us posted on the smoke haze Carson City gets from those. I hope the fires stay well away from you too. If i could send some of our rain to the fire areas, I would.

    2. Well, thanks, Xyra! It hasn't rained significantly here since the beginning of July. Ack! We are usually rain drenched as we are a rainforest. Everything has turned very brown and the leaves are turning too. It's beginning to feel like fall except it's so ghastly hot!

    3. I completely understand about the fall seeming to come early despite the super hot temperatures. We've had summers like that before. Hang in there. Fall is only a little over a month away.