Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Rough and Tumble

70th Annual Threshermen's Reunion

Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Society

Hi! Last week was special. 
This is the first time Xyra and Franz went out to Kinzer's for more than two days! Considering you basically started sweating just standing up, my sisters and I opted to stay home in the air conditioning. (giggles) Although, I really would have liked to go. Rough and Tumble has turned into a kind of Coolspring East because many of the volunteers and exhibitors also help at Coolspring. So we could have visited with a lot of our friends like Professor M.

Anyway, just because we didn't go doesn't mean we didn't send a representative.
Olivia our resident Heartlake Friends STEM aficionado will report back. Look for her adventures tomorrow.

Oh, hey! If you look at the links and the photos on the Rough and Tumble website you'll see Kinzer's PA is located in Lancaster County. Unlike last week, the people in the photos are not wearing costumes. Many Amish and plain Mennonite families as well as modern Mennonite and other "English" people visit the Threshermen's Reunion and other events. 

Best wishes, 

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