Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Extra Mini Adventure #2

Olivia and the Big Machines

Hi! Olivia here! I stowed away on a trip to the 70th Annual Threshermen's Reunion at Rough and Tumble in Kinzer's PA. There were some challenges, but overall I had a great time being around all the wonderful and historic engineering.

This is my view of the Big Engines building. So many engines were running. You know, we wouldn't have the technology we love today if not for this technology from the past.
This is a 9 horsepower engine. Franz ran this each day.
It's a Brantford Oil Engine. It is a Hvid style engine from Canada.
Antique engines usually have a tag like this with all the builder's specs. You know, like the tag on your TV or computer showing the brand, serial number, model number, and service tag information. No service tag on the engine though. (giggles)
This engine is getting closer to my size, but is still a giant! It's actually a model of a 1915 Olds.
You don't like engines? How about tractors? Oliver tractors were featured this year. But there is also a large contingent of International Harvester, Cletrac, and John Deere.
As we meandered around I found this great antique display...
Of a butter churn!
Oh, I better move on; I don't want kitty to chase me!

CSI: Rough and Tumble

Note: No stuffies or plush were harmed in the making of this post.
[Title montage music]
What's the sitch?
(partner off camera) Not sure. some say foul play, others think he jumped.
Hmmm, why are people, um, riders still on the Ferris wheel?
We thought it the easiest way to keep them here for questioning.
Good idea.
[Imagine montage with music and interviews of Ferris wheel riders being interviewed]
Okay! I have it! Here's what happened.
This was a tragic accident. Mr. Bear was trying to get on with his two friends but the roustabout started the wheel before he could get in. He tried to jump, missed catching the chair, and the next chair caught him from behind. There is blunt trauma to the back of his head. Very sad.
[Closing credits music]


One of the neat attractions happened Friday night. They call it "sparks fly."
A couple of the steam tractors add sawdust to the fire box and let it all go. Pretty cool display!

Saturday night I found an engine completely my size, but wasn't able to take a photo. NEXT YEAR! It was sooooo cool! Zobo would love it too.

You can see more official photos (not taken by us) of the event by clicking these links:
People Mill Machines

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  1. Looks like a good day!

    1. Days. :-) We were there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The forensics lab was a bit slow. ;-)

  2. XD XD XD Poor Mr. Bear. I hope his family will be comforted. XD

    I wonder how hard it would be to use that butter churn? It's really interesting. :-)

    1. I'm used to one with a bottom spout to remove the buttermilk, but it tilted easily, so maybe you pour out from the top. Otherwise, I think it might be interesting to try. With the base being metal it might help it churn more quickly.

      There was another one in the flea market that had a different motion, but moved easily. It was more like the kind they would have hooked up to a horse or something. That was interesting too, but not quite $375 interesting.

    2. Hmm, I would like to try sometime. :)

      XD Yeah, for 375... 3 brand new AGDs or a butter churn? Hard choice.. ;)

    3. Or one custom plus accessories. :-D