Thursday, June 21, 2018

Coolspring June 2018: Day 3

Coolspring Power Musuem

June 2018 Expo and Flea Market

Old and New Friends

Friday at the museum is always a big day! The biggest crowds especially if the weather is nice. This year it was nice; no rain since Wednesday. Yay! A perfect day to greet visitors.

After breakfast and housekeeping, Xyra and I hopped the shuttle to the top of the hill then walked to the General Store to get ice for the cooler. We had a text from Flo that she was on her way from Brookville and waited for her to arrive. Good thing we have a great tote to keep the ice solid; it was getting warm that day. Soon her car came around the corner and parked. That's when I met Mimi!

Hi, I'm Melody! Welcome to Coolspring! How was the drive?
I'm Mimi; nice to meet you. Not bad; we listened to great music the entire way.
Great! That's the best! Follow me this way to the museum.
Lead on.

The first thing we did was to put the ice in the cooler. Then headed to the field to scout the flea market. We saw a stove that was cool and well priced, but we both have stoves, so...we headed for some shade by Memorial Hall. A small bird inspired to move for fear of...well, what do you fear from birds overhead? (giggles)

Our path took us to the ice cream stand

How's the vanilla?
Tasty. What do you have, again?
Maple nut. It's made with grape nuts cereal. 
Oh, no! They just put up a new flavor...chocolate chip mint. I love that flavor!
You'll just have to come back again to try it. (laughing)

Of course, I glanced away for our picture. UGH!

We stayed there for a bit then headed over to Sudlow Station. Yes, more photos there. (giggles) It was nice and cool. 

Welcome to Sudlow Station.
This is neat. So big.

Small compared to some of the others.
This is the pump.

All these's amazing to think of what they would power. Everything from farm equipment to oil fields and more!
I know, right?!

We supervised this exhibit for a bit. Quite a few people stopped in to see it. But then it was time for Mimi and Flo to head home. So we walked up the hill. Our last stop for the day was Friends Exhibition Hall.

Here you can get the museum shuttle outside and rest inside. Picnic tables surrounded by engines offer a place to sit and drinks and snacks. 
I love the centerpieces on the tables.
What's that supposed to be?
You know, I'm not sure, but it's fun to watch. (giggles)

You need to take a few Tootsie Rolls for the ride home.

It was sad to see them go, but nice to get together. In-person visits twice a year are cool. We text and email other times. 

After seeing Mimi and Flo off we went back to the Power Tech Annex and saw Master Taylor was there! So much fun to see him. It was a short visit with him because he left just before the memorial service for Kim. The service was nice. 

After dinner a group started working on a Viking engine.

The night was beautiful.

Thank you for stopping by for day three. Please comment with your favorite photo. Stop back tomorrow for day four.

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  1. It was a fun day, I can't wait to come back someday! ~Mimi

    1. Waiting for a turn can be so annoying! Hope it's sooner than later. :-D