Friday, June 22, 2018

Coolspring June 2018: Day 4

Coolspring Power Museum

June 2018 Expo and Flea Market


Hi! This is my last installment reporting on our trip to the Coolspring Power Museum June Expo. The last day is bittersweet. The museum itself is still busy with engines running and being cleaned up to be ready for the next public day, but the field is really empty. People packing up and heading home. 

Xyra and I started tidying up our truck making it easy to finish packing Sunday morning.
Yep, we stay until Sunday.

One of our neighbors asked if we were going up to the quilt show at the church. We almost forgot! Lea said I should go if there was time, so we grabbed our gear and walked up with G-Shall.

The quilts were in the sanctuary. Wow! 
So we bought  nine tickets to vote for our favorites. It was hard to choose. Lady Dartia and Lady Grey would love these!

This was my favorite. It's a tea cup quilt and had embroidery as well as regular quilting!
The center showed a full or almost full tea service.
The zinnia quilt was cool because of the deep colors.
You can see the flower quilted into the squares.
This one had colors you find in Coastal Living magazine: aqua, white, grey. AND butterflies!
So pretty. The quilter made a matching case for storing it. I think Gramma Enne would like this one, even if it isn't purple.

This one was really fun! Lots of sheep. And do you see the message in the bottom corner? 
"Ewe are loved."

I like this one. Lanie would love it.
Okay, so i saw this one and my jaw dropped! 
Do you see all those tiny pieces that were stitched together?! And the center too! Nice warm colors too. Reminds me of autumn. There were a lot more, but I liked these best. 

After the quilt show we headed back to the Power Tech Annex for a while. 
Got lunch. Today we tried the hot dog people. The guy misheard me when he asked what I wanted on mine. I told him mustard on one and ketchup and mustard on the other two. He said I said, "everything." Not sure what universe ketchup and mustard sounds like everything, but Xyra yelled before he could put onions on them. They were good, but Yocco's is better. At Yocco's I get a cheese dog with sauce and pierogies. 

After lunch, we did more tidying then just hung out by the tent reading. 

It was pleasant listening to the engines running. As the day wore on, the museum got quieter as each engine shut down. Franz and Professor M loaded engines into our truck so we wouldn't have to in the morning. Then it was up the hill to dinner. This was the last big night. 

Which quilt was your favorite? What toppings do you like on your hot dog?

Best wishes,


  1. Ketchup and raw onion (I'll take your onions anytime) :)

    Looks like another cool trip!

  2. That last quilt is wow!!! See you in October.

    1. I know, right! Looking forward to seeing you in October!