Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Coolspring June 2018: Day 2

Coolspring Power Museum

June 2018 Expo and Flea Market

A STEM Experience

Hello! I'm so glad you are joining me today! Today I'll try to add a little history into my tour. What kind of history? Well, grab your favorite beverage and read more to find out.

Wandering the Grounds
After a wonderful breakfast from the guys at Villella's Meats and a little housekeeping...did you know its always good to tidy up the tent and make up your bed when camping? 
First, it keeps the smells down when you move all the dirty laundry. Second, it keeps your bed cozy. In our area, with the humidity and temperature changes, making your bed or closing your sleeping bag keeps it from getting damp. 

Anyway, after taking care of those chores I went down to Sudlow Station
I love this exhibit! here's where the history comes in. 
So you see the sign above the door? Sudlow Station was part of the Buckeye Pipe Line Co. The pipe line had many stations like this. Let's take a peak inside.
Maybe a different angle will show more. (giggles) Yes! So here you can see the set up a bit better. The engine, pump, and workbench.

The engine is a Parmaco engine. The name is kind of an abbreviation - you know like instead of saying Stone Temple Pilots people call the band STP. Well, Parmaco stands for Parkersburg Machine Company in West Virginia. There are very few still remaining and Coolspring has two! This one and Professor M's up in the Power Tech Annex.

It is a Hvid, pronounced veed. That means the fuel injection system is very similar to a diesel fuel system. I can't explain this at all, but you can read Paul Harvey's article in The Flywheel.

Size wise it is a 9hp or horsepower. Horsepower is a measurement for engine output that equals the power needed to lift 550 pounds per foot in one second.  1hp equals 745.7 watts. You know watts, like a lightbulb or electrical unit. This one is 9hp which equals 6711.3 watts. The big Snow engine is 600hp that's 447,420 watts. Whoa!

Anyway, here you can see the engine has a belt connected to another piece of equipment. 
That is the Parmaco pump. Together the engine would run the pump and the pump moved oil from an area nearby called a "lease" to a larger station which would then transfer it along the pipeline.

The amount pumped depended on the speed of the engine. They had stations similar to this along the pipeline helping transport the oil.

After spending some time in Sudlow, I headed back up to The Windy City
The Balisdell is fun to watch and the operator is really, really cool! He's become a good friend. Even asked if I was coming to the show this year! (giggles)

 The Windy City is an air lease. An air compressing plant. You can read more about it by clicking the links.

Then it was over to check on the Hornsby-Ackaroyd.
I'm so happy it was running. It's a staple in the Power Tech building.

Back to the Power Tech Annex. Here is a look at Franz's Thermoil 7UA. It's also a Hvid.

Such a gorgeous day!
The first day open to the public came to a close with a potluck dinner up at Friends Exhibition Hall. Where a funny tee shirt was presented to one of the volunteers. 
If you don't get it, that's okay; I had to have Xyra explain it to me.

Then back to Sudlow.

That's all for day two. Please come back for day three. 

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    1. Thank you! They can be tough especially with think hair like Mel's. I rely on the spray bottle and pick. Keep practicing too; sometimes a soft brush or comb at the end will help smooth over the gaps.

    2. Hmm, thanks for the advice! I'll have to try it out soon. :)

    3. You're welcome. Always glad to trade ideas with other AG or 18" enthusiasts.